Featured Athletes – Raul Mojica

My name is Raul Mojica. My Crossfit journey began in August 2018. I had just moved from FL and a
coworker asked me if I wanted to do a Crossfit class called New You. Not knowing exactly what to
expect, I was a bit uncertain if Crossfit was for me so I was a bit hesitant to sign up for the New you
class. But, at the end, I signed up. The class was about six weeks long, the coaches went over the
proper lifting techniques for various movements and introduced some Crossfit work-outs. After the six
week I was hooked on Crossfit. I have noticed a huge change on my body and lifestyle. When I started
the New You class I weighted 223 lbs. and as of today I weight 185 lbs.

Crossfit has not only help me gain more strength and build endurance, but it has also made me mentally
stronger. It has help me be able to push myself pass what I though was my “limit” to a whole different

I want to thank CFB for all the guidance and fun times. I am excited to continue my crossfit journey.