Featured Athletes – Nathan and Chelsea Brandimarte



Well, if you would have told me a year ago.. I would be doing CrossFit I would have never believed you..
I was the girl who was taught the smaller the number on the scale was the most important thing…not necessarily being healthy or fit..

Don’t get me wrong.. I’ve had several trainers, gyms, nutritionists… and I kept fighting this crazy battle with myself.

In August.. after our friends had invited us several times my husband said, “let’s just give it a try.. what do we have to lose.”

I thought CrossFit was just for big strong guys pushing tires and doing pull-ups and huge weights… can it be that ?? Yes but is that all it is … NO…. I now know it’s all ages..all ability levels..

As soon as I finished my required basic classes… I became a fixture 3-6 days a week in our box..I had never held a bar or dumbbells..or truly any weights before..

At first I truly could barely finish.. but my class would literally cheer me on.. even my baby steps…as the months went bye… I was shocked about the changes in my body.. I was used to being thin but not fit… my core is now stronger than it was when I was 18..

After 4 kids .. it’s a little miracle…my “Mom’s class” as we call it is now family. If I miss a few days.. my phone is going off.. where are you?? You ok?? We miss you…

My Coaches are now my friends..so Cody,Erica,Neal,Heather,Emily and Kara..
Thank you for pushing me, cheering me on making me cry, bleed, laugh, throw up and let me scale to my ability… because I’ve known you.. I’ve been changed for good..

And an Extra bonus, I joined with my husband Nathan.. we send our kids selfies after every class to motivate them that even in our 40’s we are CrossFitters…between the 2 of us we’ve lost almost 70 pounds and gained more muscle than we have both ever had..we are more flexible.. and definitely more fit and active..

So, I am a Wife, a Mother, a Friend a Motivator to my gym mates and I AM A CROSS FITTER..


Crossfit has forever changed my way of life and my view of working out. Not only have I lost a ton of weight, I have gained muscle tone that I have not seen since my days of playing college sports. That was a long time ago. The program is amazing. The facilities are not fancy but that makes it even better and more special. The coaches at CFB deserve all the credit. I simply show up and try my best to do what I’m told. And they have helped me achieve the results I sought to obtain. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful gym and surrounded by such great people. Thank you CFB. I look forward to many more years to come.