Cool Like Jacob

WOD 9/1/10 3 Rounds: 500m Row 30 Double Unders 10 Dumbbell Push Press (45#/30#) Fellas, Don’t forget we will have Shae Jones sharing his power lifting knowledge tonight at man-time. Class [...]

Blast Off

WOD 8/31/10 Snatch – Find your 1 Rep Max Every Minute for 8 minutes: Complete 2 Snatch Post your lightest and heavist reps. Guys, We will have Shae coaching again tomorrow night at 8pm. If [...]


WOD 8/30/10 “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 Squat Cleans (135#/95#) Ring Dips You must get hips below knees on each rep of the clean. Our Paleo Challenge has finally come to an end. E-mail Neal [...]

Bass Head

WOD 8/23/10 Overhead Squat 5-5-5 AMRAP in 7 minutes: 10 Wall Ball (20#/14#) 50m Sprint Sign-ups for the CFB Showdown, to be held October 23, have begun. If you want to compete click the Samurai [...]

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