Featured Athlete – Jonathan Franks

My name is Jonathan Franks and I am a Branch Manager at Enterprise Rent-A- Car. I served in the United States Army and did a tour overseas. I was struggling with my weight when I got out of the Army and tried a few gyms and running but never kept a good routine or any kind of decent diet. At the beginning of this year my little brother Jacob started at Crossfit Beaumont and constantly talked about it positively. I guess all I needed was some motivation and after seeing 262 lbs on a scale I decided it was time to do something about it.

Jon Before

I showed up to my first Workout on March 22nd. Walking in and seeing everyone throwing up weight and laying down in puddles of sweat was very intimidating. But as I looked around, I noticed everyone was different; everyone was scaling the workout according to their own abilities and giving the same effort as the next guy. The encouragement and instant camaraderie was without question all I needed to go back the next day, and the next day, and the next day. My body was in pain and definitely hurting more than I ever imagined; but the competition aspect and the other members kept me coming back for more.

I instantly saw results. Within the first two weeks of Crossfit I had dropped 12pounds. After one month, I had lost over 20 pounds. Before long shopping was a must. It has now been exactly 5 months and I weigh 205 lbs (from 267) and I am a size 33” waist (from 40) and feel great. I went to the doctor and he couldn’t believe it. My blood pressure, cholesterol level, and pulse were all perfect. Although the “weight loss” result is why I began, what keeps me going is the competition results. I have participated in two Houston Crossfit Competitions and loved them both! I finished 13th out of 28 competitors at the most recent competition. I am already signed up for two more competitions in October and encourage anyone who hasn’t participated in one to do so. As far as results in the box –
Bench: 275 to 300

Jon After

Deadlift: 365 to 425
Pull-ups: ZERO to 19 (kip) 6 (deadhangs)
Mile: 12:34 to 8:03
400m: 2:03 to 1:20

I also just completed Fran: 7:26 Rx

I continue to push myself every day and have found that I have just as much fun seeing other people push themselves as well. Both of my brothers are Crossfit members as well, and my sister even joined over the summer. Although I love competing against my brothers, everyone will always be able to find me yelling and cheering for whoever it is and whatever workout they are doing. I go 4 days a week and I have an on again off
again relationship with Paleo. If I can ever dial that in and stick with it 100% I can only imagine. I guess that will be my next hurdle. I would like to thank Jeff & Lindsay for always keeping me going and I will miss them when they move. I also love the 7 o’clock crew and am glad that’s when I can make it. Live strong, Crossfit harder.

Side note: <For those that don’t know I have also taken on the Burpee Challenge (5,050 Burpees). You start off by doing 100 burpees to determine your goal time. My time was 7:43. Then, you start off by doing 1 burpee. The following day, two burpees. Continue to add a burpee each day until you reach 100 again. I am on day 50! Burpees will put some character into your day, that is for sure.>

Before and After

Congrats on all your success Jon; We’re also very proud of you!