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My name is Jonathan Franks and I am a Branch Manager at Enterprise Rent-A- Car. I served in the United States Army and did a tour overseas. I was struggling with my weight when I got out of the Army and tried a few gyms and running but never kept a good routine or any kind of decent diet. At the beginning of this year my little brother Jacob started at Crossfit Beaumont and constantly talked about it positively. I guess all I needed was some motivation and after seeing 262 lbs on a scale I decided it was time to do something about it.

Jon Before

I showed up to my first Workout on March 22nd. Walking in and seeing everyone throwing up weight and laying down in puddles of sweat was very intimidating. But as I looked around, I noticed everyone was different; everyone was scaling the workout according to their own abilities and giving the same effort as the next guy. The encouragement and instant camaraderie was without question all I needed to go back the next day, and the next day, and the next day. My body was in pain and definitely hurting more than I ever imagined; but the competition aspect and the other members kept me coming back for more.

I instantly saw results. Within the first two weeks of Crossfit I had dropped 12pounds. After one month, I had lost over 20 pounds. Before long shopping was a must. It has now been exactly 5 months and I weigh 205 lbs (from 267) and I am a size 33” waist (from 40) and feel great. I went to the doctor and he couldn’t believe it. My blood pressure, cholesterol level, and pulse were all perfect. Although the “weight loss” result is why I began, what keeps me going is the competition results. I have participated in two Houston Crossfit Competitions and loved them both! I finished 13th out of 28 competitors at the most recent competition. I am already signed up for two more competitions in October and encourage anyone who hasn’t participated in one to do so. As far as results in the box –
Bench: 275 to 300

Jon After

Deadlift: 365 to 425
Pull-ups: ZERO to 19 (kip) 6 (deadhangs)
Mile: 12:34 to 8:03
400m: 2:03 to 1:20

I also just completed Fran: 7:26 Rx

I continue to push myself every day and have found that I have just as much fun seeing other people push themselves as well. Both of my brothers are Crossfit members as well, and my sister even joined over the summer. Although I love competing against my brothers, everyone will always be able to find me yelling and cheering for whoever it is and whatever workout they are doing. I go 4 days a week and I have an on again off
again relationship with Paleo. If I can ever dial that in and stick with it 100% I can only imagine. I guess that will be my next hurdle. I would like to thank Jeff & Lindsay for always keeping me going and I will miss them when they move. I also love the 7 o’clock crew and am glad that’s when I can make it. Live strong, Crossfit harder.

Side note: <For those that don’t know I have also taken on the Burpee Challenge (5,050 Burpees). You start off by doing 100 burpees to determine your goal time. My time was 7:43. Then, you start off by doing 1 burpee. The following day, two burpees. Continue to add a burpee each day until you reach 100 again. I am on day 50! Burpees will put some character into your day, that is for sure.>

Before and After

Congrats on all your success Jon; We’re also very proud of you!

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  • Neal

    You are the man Jon. An inspiration to us all and the best motivator at CFB!

  • Stephen

    I love John franks!!!

  • juggernaut

    the bottom picture is actually reverse… After and Before should be underneath it. Thank you guys! Can’t wait for another 5 months!

  • Heather

    Good job John!!

  • Shannon

    Love the story and that’s some great numbers!! Way to go!

  • StephenW

    Way to go, Jon! Inspiration is definitely the best word to describe you. You work hard and then do your best to keep the rest of us working hard as well. I can’t wait to get back in the box and you’re a big reason for that.

  • juggernaut

    thanks Heather, Shannon, and Stephen! Remember guys… when you feel like quitting, 3..2..1…

  • J.Parsley

    Your my hero John! Keeps me going day after day

  • cassi

    way to go jon! Well deserved and overdue! It has been awesome being able to witness ur changes!

  • Marcus

    outstanding job John. I hope that you story inspires more people to give Crossfit a try. Keep up the good work.

  • Spoon

    Way to go Frankenstein. You are an awesome athlete and an even more awesome person.

  • DJM

    Straight Gangsta my homie, keep it up!

  • David Riley

    Great job Jonathan. Seeing is believing & you like great!

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