Nutrition is a very important part of health and fitness. If you’re worried about your body composition and looking good in a swimsuit (isn’t everyone) you should know that diet is going to be the single biggest factor in your success. Working out along with a good eating plan is an excellent 1-2 Punch to get you healthy and looking good!

So what should you eat? We recommend the Paleo Diet for all of our athletes. It’s very simple – eat lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruit, little starch, and no sugar. We want to eliminate all grains; that means no bread, wheat, flour, oatmeal, corn, cereal, rice, pasta, and pretty much any other white food besides cauliflower. It’s pretty much that simple. Oh yeah, drink lots of water! Coffee and tea are OK but keep the sugar and sugar substitutes to a minimum. Sodas and Diet sodas are a definite no-no.

For a little more information visit Mark’s Guide to Primal Eating. Mark’s Daily Apple is a great website with lots of good information about Paleo/Primal nutrition, we highly recommend checking out his Getting Started Section if you’re looking for even more information. A book we highly recommend is The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.
If you follow our nutrition guide and attend classes regularly at CFB we know you will be healthier and fitter. It’s that easy.

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