Featured Athlete – Missy Allison

My name is Missy Allison and I am a teacher at Oak Forest Elementary in Vidor. In December
the man of my dreams asked me to marry him. After all the phone calls were made and the initial shock
set in my mother, grandmother, best friend and I started looking for that perfect dress. That’s when it
all began.


I decided that if I wanted to look stunning on my wedding day and wear my beautiful, strapless,
fitted wedding gown of my dreams I had to get in shape. I began by supporting the at home method by
throwing away money by buying “walk-away the pounds” to “30 day shred with Jillian Michaels” to “P-
90X”and yes even “flirty girl fitness”. Nothing seemed to work or hold my attention. I hated knowing
exactly what was coming next in the video and really I was only as motivated as I was interested. No
one was pushing me, no one was cheering me on, I was bored. My friend Stephen kept telling me to try
CrossFit. He did it and loved it and praised it every day. However, even though I knew I needed to do
something different, I was scared. I was never the athletic type of girl. I could never run fast or far. I
never lifted weights or even pretended to be strong. I thought I would die if I even tried to participate in
such an intense workout program. Of course, I was wrong.

Coach Neal decided to hold a five week boot camp at our school to show us what CrossFit
was all about. My friends Lydia and Brittani and I were thrilled at the idea at trying this new fitness
program that we have heard so much about. It ended up being the best thing I could have done for
myself. Right after I signed up for the class I ordered my dress, we took my measurements and decided
to go with a size ten. I told everyone I was planning on losing weight but the store employee said that
you couldn’t count on losing weight before a wedding that a lot of people get stressed and will eat
unhealthy and gain weight. I think I showed them. We met three times a week for five weeks starting in
April. I immediately saw results. After being sore for the first week and forcing myself to work through
the pain I instantly started shedding the pounds. Teachers in the hall were telling me how good I was
looking after only two weeks. They could see a noticeable difference and were telling me daily. That
alone would have been motivation to continue going but I was feeling different also. I wasn’t as tired,
I was keeping up with my kindergarteners, and I was changing my eating habits because I wanted to be
healthier all around.

When the five week boot camp ended we weren’t ready to give up. So Neal opened up a
women’s only class at his gym in Beaumont. The women in this class are the best women who work
the hardest and truly care about each other’s goals. Beverly, Susan, Lydia, Brittani, Rochel, and Teresa
have helped me do things I didn’t think my body would ever be capable of doing. We were flipping tires,
we were dead lifting, and we were doing thrusters with dumbbell weights that scared us back at our
own gym. Neal believed in us and knew we were able to run faster and lift heavier than we thought we
could. If I didn’t have a personal trainer telling me to push it, I probably never would. Around this time
my dress came in and to the store owners amazement we had to take the dress in everywhere. My hips,
bust, butt, and stomach all needed to be taken in. My arms were even getting thinner which was always
a problem area of mine and no matter what I did I thought I was just doomed to have thicker arms,

Crossfit changed that. This was only after two and a half months of doing CrossFit.

Now being a busy bride I was not able to make it to every class like I wanted to. However my
group welcomed me back each time and I felt myself getting stronger each time. I was still seeing
amazing results even if I wasn’t going as much as I would have liked to. Lydia and Brittani gave me
inspiration because each time these girls pushed themselves to the limit and keep going stronger
and faster. Have a support system like that is great. You don’t have people cheering you on in your
living room when you are doing a work out video like you do at Crossfit. You don’t have a system of
friends who are just as pumped and thrilled about your workout as you are. Also the work out is always
different and not the same boring routine. This really kept my interest and kept me motivated. I would
come home so excited to tell my fiancé what our work out was for that day. He would be so proud and
astonished when I told him I ran with a sand bag on my back and did more push-ups then I ever did in
my life. No matter what level you are on Neal works with you to make you the best that you can be
even if it is a gradual step up.


The time came for my bridal portrait. My photographer told me if I lost 3 more pounds I would
have to get a new dress because mine wouldn’t fit anymore. She told me to stop working out so I would
stop losing weight. Ha! You think that’s going to stop me. CrossFit was my stress relief from my hectic
wedding schedule. I always felt better when I left the gym. I was proud of myself for pushing through a
workout that I didn’t think I would be able to live through. I had fun laughing and talking with the other
women athletes. Crossfit was my haven from the invitations, tastings, and decisions for an hour. So
instead of putting a halt to my work out routine I decided it was time to have my dress altered again.
Two weeks before my wedding I brought my dress back for alterations. I had to have my dress taken in
to a size 4. I dropped 3 dress sizes in 3 months. Wow, I was thrilled! I did it! When I walked down the
aisle my future husband was stunned. He told me he had never seen me look so beautiful. Let me tell
you that made all my hard work worth it.

On our honeymoon we were able to go hiking, white water rafting, and climb mountains. I
probably would not have been able to have been so active without having done CrossFit before I left.
While we were own our honeymoon I missed doing CrossFit and was looking for a gym in every town
that we went to. Now that the wedding is over and I was able to slim down and tone up to look perfect
in my dress I still want to continue my fitness program. At the beginning it was to just lose weight for
my wedding now CrossFit is a part of my life. I want to continue doing it so I can have a healthy life
style. I am still amazed at what I am able to do and how it affects me in my everyday life. I am able to
move things around the house without asking for my husband’s help, I am not as tired anymore, I have
more endurance, and I am already 10% faster that what I was two months ago. I honestly just can’t
get enough of CrossFit and can’t tell you how much it has done to change my life. I am looking forward
to my new life with my husband and I know it will be a healthier stronger life thanks to Lydia, Brittani,
Beverly, Susan, Rochel, Teresa, Steven, and Neal.