Featured Athletes – Esther and Daniel Castro

Daniel – I’m Daniel. A BIT ABOUT MY SELF, I think Ive earned the right to say I like to stay busy. From working a full-time management job, Pastoring a church in Port Arthur, owning a recording studio, traveling on the weekends with a band all over the US, and more important than all of that, trying to be the best husband and father. Such a stressful and demanding schedule requires me to be as sharp as possible, and going to CFB in the middle of my day and sweating out all the stress has to be one of the best parts of my day. That post-workout high allows me to keep going strong till my day comes to an end. I’m thankful to all the coaches and all the peers that motivate me to push past my limits in every aspect of life. Mid-day crew!

Esther- I’m Esther! I have two beautiful kids and an awesome husband who is in fact the reason I started doing CrossFit! I’ve been at CFB for about 6 months now! I’m so glad my hubs convinced me to join because I honestly love CFB.
The coaches are amaze balls and are soooooo knowledgeable! As someone who suffers from anxiety let me say, when I walked into the gym the first day I was greeted and welcomed and I honestly felt like they genuinely cared! CFB team is the best hands down! The coaches challenge you and push you past limits that you didn’t even know you were capable of achieving! With two crazy kids, Crossfit has kept me sane! It’s so therapeutic for me. Thank you CFB for all that you do!! You have helped me more than you know!!