Featured Athletes – Spandana Pasumarti

Like everybody else that just start working out, all I wanted when I walked into CFB 6 years ago was to “lose weight” and “look good”. I was dizzy and out of breath after round 1 of the workout and looked around the gym full of “Crossfitters” working out like it was nothing when the coach uttered the most magical, life changing words- ‘It’s okay’. Over the years at CFB and working out with the amazing coaches and members, I’ve learnt that the more important thing is to show up and work hard. I now focus on “feeling good” and “staying fit”. Weight loss is just a perk.

I can now lift more than I ever could’ve imagined and also finished two marathons. I am also that person that wears their gym swag everywhere. The CFB cap has been my constant companion on long runs.

‘Check your ego’ and Neal’s line “Count to 3 and pick it back up” play on a loop in my head both at and outside the gym now😂

I always say that my younger self would be so proud of this confident, strong version of me. Thank you, CFB for helping me build this great relationship with my mind and body. Truly a life changer.