Featured Athlete – Nicole Martin

I don’t hit the Rx button often or have a six pack, but I’m a Crossfitter. I’ve been a member of Crossfit Beaumont for five years now and in that time I’ve learned Crossfit is much more than weights and times. It’s a way of life that challenges you to be the best version of you that you can be. Even with work demands and crazy kids’ schedules, you can always fit in a work out. When your nutrition feels out of control, there is someone to help educate and even share recipes to get you back on track. When self doubt sets in and you don’t think you have the energy to finish a workout or the courage to try a movement, there is always someone to encourage and cheer you on. If you stop and look around the gym, you’ll see the beauty of Crossfit is that everyone is struggling through the same workout regardless of whether the Rx button is being pushed or not. Crossfit has taught me a lot about myself. Nothing is impossible unless you are unwilling to try – I can now do rope climbs, pull-ups and double unders. I’m not a competitor – Athena’s Throwdown was my One & Done. My focus in the gym is more of the tortoise, I might be slow and not lift heavy, but I am there and every day I get to be a role model for my kids on being healthy. The real prize for me was seeing my kids participate in the Open surrounded by cheering members and realizing these people are so much more than workout buddies – they are family.