Featured Athlete – Jason Apodaca

My name is Jason Apodaca, and I AM A CROSSFITTER! These four words mean that I am part of a big family of athletes, young and old, novice to expert, from all walks of life. My CrossFit Journey began 9.22.17 and has taken me from 233 lbs., down to my current weight of 191 lbs. The weight loss has been rewarding but not as rewarding as the friendships, motivation and determination I’ve gained being apart of this family. I’ve said before, this place feels like church. Not in the sense of worship but it definetly moves your soul. Crossfit has become a way of life for me, a lifestyle and is something I’m proud of. Crossfit has taught me a lot about my body. Its taught me that when my mind says no more, my body has 40% more in the tank. Crossfit has strengthened me physically and mentally, and not just in the box. I am a Crossfitter, I can do anything!