Featured Athlete – Karyn Husbands

When I walked into CrossFit Beaumont for the first time in May of 2017, I was looking for a gym that would accommodate my family’s summer schedule. My teenage son had signed up to play travel ball and that meant we were out of town – A LOT! As a working mom, I needed a gym that fit our crazy schedule and would afford me the opportunity to get in a good workout – any day of the week. A friend asked me to join her one morning for CFB’s “Bring a Friend” day and although I was hesitant, I decided to give it a try. My impression of CrossFit was that it was an “extreme” sport and would not be a good fit for me. Despite the fact that 5am workouts were already part of my normal routine, I was more than a bit nervous to see if I could make it through the class. The coaches were quick to explain how the workouts could be scaled and once my strength increased, certain skills would likely follow. Although the nerves hung around through several more classes, I was hooked. Not only did I find a new set of friends (that I look forward to seeing every morning), but I am doing things I never would have attempted before – pull ups, hand stands, lifting heavy weights, rope climbing and most recently – competitions.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to Whole30 at CrossFit Beaumont. It provided new insight into nutrition and the effect it has on athletic performance. During the 30 day challenge, I lost 6 pounds and by continuing to eat according to the plan (as much as possible), I’ve lost another 7 pounds over the past six months. Next year, I’m turning 50 years old and I can easily say that because of CrossFit, I am in better shape now than 20 years ago.

Weight loss, increased strength and increased mobility are some of the amazing benefits I have experienced by joining CrossFit, but far more important, is the community I have found in CrossFit. A group of highly supportive, encouraging, motivating and caring people that I am thankful to call friend. We celebrate accomplishments together and stand by each other through life’s challenges.

Pushing past my nerves and walking through the garage door at CFB was one of the best decisions I have made.