Featured Athlete – Emily Gibbons

My name is Emily and I love Crossfit!! (And exclamation marks) I joined in September of 2012 because I thought, why not! My whole life I was active in some way. I danced for 15 years and swam every year in the summer for 10. In college when I began to get inactive I took up golf. After I moved back to Beaumont and started working as a nurse I found myself looking for a challenge, something new. I went to the gym or ran here and there but found myself without a lot of motivation. I was driving back from a weekend away and heard on the radio people talking about Crossfit. I knew I heard about Crossfit Beaumont before so I looked up the number and scheduled my onramp with Neal. I was instantly hooked. Here was an environment that I could walk in, give 100% and leave knowing that I was better than when I arrived. Through my many years, I have had my ups and downs – as I am sure many others have had. I went from being so excited and super pumped to making myself show up at the gym a couple times a week. One day something clicked. I was doing this for myself. I love to work out. I love to make myself better. Most of all, I love the COMMUNITY that we have. Where else can you go in not knowing anyone, and make friends for life? Friends that can push you in a workout and help you through a hard time. Recently I became a coach, and I am so eager. I love helping people!! I am so excited to see people’s lives change and grow just like Neal, Erica and all the other coaches have helped me. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!