Featured Athlete – Daniel Romero

2018 Mission Trip was definitely a work from the heavens above. I was going to Uganda, Africa and not knowing what to expect, I figured I needed to be prepared for anything. I heard a lot about CrossFit which involves not only cardio but gymnastics, weightlifting and much more all of which I have never done before. The potential of positive results made me want to try it out. Knowing it would physically help me in my upcoming task, unknowingly finding out after returning from my wonderful experience and working out at CrossFit that my lifestyle has changed. I decided to join CrossFit Beaumont a few months ago. Doing so I never imaged the impact it would had for me. It has helped improve my daily lifestyle in every aspect. I feel stronger mentally, physically, and more disciplined than ever before. Attempting challenges like the Nutrition Challenge, being coached through it and losing 10 lbs, eating healthier, learning about Macros, and healthy eating habits to support my new lifestyle. The Rowing challenge with some friends of 42, 195meters(26.2miles) rowing all morning with the amazing CrossFit community. Cycling for 40+ miles with my older brother Carlos. Accomplishing goals I never dreamed or desire of doing and most proud of all would probably be running my first half marathon and setting new goals to attempt a full marathon within a few months. Who knows what else it could bring, maybe an Ironman one day. Crossfit was my game changer and I totally love it! My favorite quote from my coach Erica “Can’t out work consistency” something I work for daily. I’m Daniel Romero, 28 years old and I workout at CFB(CrossFit Beaumont)