Featured Athlete – Erik’s

My name is Erik Camacho and I love CrossFit! Before CrossFit, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to weights. So I would just run up to 6 miles a day and finish up with P90X’s ab workout. And to me I thought that made me fit. But I knew I wasn’t strong. Then my sister brought me to a free Saturday class during Thanksgiving weekend back in 2011 and I was hooked. I immediately signed up. Booked my beginners classes for the next week and from there it’s all been one crazy ride.
The best thing for me is not just looking back at photos of me before crossfit and now and seeing how my body has grown, but it’s also see what I can do with it now and how much better I take care of it.
Crossfit has taught me strength, recovery, and nutrition. And that made all the difference. But the most important thing is that it gave me a community of friends that make each day a million times better!
I’m excited to start coaching and hope to help improve the members’ experiences in the same way Neal and the other coaches have done and continue doing for me!