Featured Athlete – Cody Richings

My name is Cody Richings and I am an okay crossfitter. I’m not the strongest, not the fastest, and definitely not the fittest, but all of that is alright! Each day I walk into the box with one goal, which is to be better than I was the previous day. Going through school prior to CrosFit I was in decent shape playing on the soccer team but I always seemed to stray away from the weights and the work that needed to be put in to help bring my game to the next level. Going from high school to college the same trends continued but towards the end of my college career I began spending more time lifting in the weight room. At the beginning I saw results, but then got over consumed by the appearance aspect of it. Paying hundreds of dollars for meal plans and doing weekly progress pictures I believe my relationship with not only lifting, but with food became unhealthy. This went on for around a year before I transitioned over to CrossFit in November of 2016. Being a typical gym go-er I of course had misconceptions about CrossFit but little did I know how big of a role it would soon play in my life. Thanks to Erik Camacho my interest in attending classes began increasing more and more. At first I would come to the free classes on Saturday and use those as my “cardio” for the week while I was lifting on other days. Then I figured I’d take the plunge and just go for it, I signed up for 101 and began attending regular member’s classes at the beginning of November. Since then CrossFit has become an overwhelming part of my life. I would come to the gym and witness the community of CFB which became one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy it so much. When you go to a regular gym all you see are people mean mugging each other, not giving each other advice or help, with their headphones in the entire time. But on the other end of the spectrum you walk into CrossFit Beaumont and it’s a completely different environment. Here people motivate the person next to them and encourage one another to improve. Since becoming a member at CFB I have done things that I never thought I was capable of; from getting my first double under and muscle up, to acquiring my Level 1 certification. Crossfit has literally had an influence in almost every aspect of my life, and beginning next school year I will be making a shift in my career. Coming from a Criminal Justice background I will be transitioning over to education and will begin teaching as a Physical Education teacher at a local elementary. My goal is try and mesh our physical education programs in the schools with Crossfit. In hopes to help any kids with aspirations of competing in college athletics, pursuing a career in fitness, or just helping their general knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Thanks to CrossFit and the family I’ve come to know here at CFB, this past year and a half has been wonderful and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store!