Tyler Hillin

My name is Tyler Hillin and I’m currently a firefighter for Beaumont Fire, a coach at CrossFit Beaumont, and a full-time student at Lamar. I’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over a year now and I enjoy it a little more with each workout. I love that you have to constantly adapt to the various workouts that are thrown at you every time you step foot in the gym. Being competitive with other members is always fun too. I’m all about a little friendly competition to push myself a little harder during a workout. The atmosphere of CFB is just an added bonus to great workouts. All the members are very supportive and friendly and I think that’s a huge selling point of an already great gym. I love coming in and coaching the classes because everyone in a way coaches me too. Breaking down movements for different types of people helps me adapt and learn how to teach a skill or movement to someone in a different way!