Featured Athletes – Rustee Landers and Jeromy Landers


We’ve been going to CF steadily for a little over a year now.

I’ve been going on and off for years but I also played competitive roller derby in Beaumont and in Houston, so I mostly only hit CF during the off-season when it didn’t conflict with practice or games. I’d been trying to convince Jeromy to come with me for a while and last year he promised he’d start CF with me when I retired from Houston Roller Derby (I still play recreationally), so here we are!

I love that I don’t ever need to think about my workouts. I just have to show up and a knowledgeable coach goes over a pre-planned workout, detailing scaling options and injury substitutions. I think it’s really cool that any person, any age, any fitness level can come in and get a great workout in the same class.

I was also really impressed with the effort and attention that the coaches put into making sure that members still had workout options during the Covid-19 lockdown. They loaned out equipment, set up Zoom classes, and really made sure that we were able to get a good workout in even if we couldn’t get to the gym.

I’ve always really enjoyed CF and I’m excited to finally be able to go regularly! And that Jeromy finally comes too!


I promised Rustee that I’d start going with her when she retired, so here I am!

I have always been really active but I had never worked out or lifted weights before so I was starting at the beginning.

I want to be able to stay active as I’m getting older and be able to enjoy the things that I love, like hiking and biking, after I retire.

I thought that I was a pretty fit guy before I started CF. I was wrong. It really was an eye-opener in the beginning. It’s gotten a lot easier as I’ve become more familiar with the movements and become more confident in pushing myself. The coaches are very enthusiastic and have really helped me improve my weight lifting skills.

I really like going with my wife. We go three times a week and it really helps when your partner is there; you help each other be accountable and stay on a schedule.

I would definitely recommend CF Beaumont! It’s a great stress relief and I can definitely see the difference it’s made in just the first year!