Featured Athlete – Mary East

Mary East

Back in 2017, my husband, of almost 18 years said, “I’m going to get into the best shape now that I’m turning 40!” Well, when I heard that I couldn’t let him beat me…If you know me, you’d know I’m very competitive. So, I stepped up my game and joined CrossFit. I’ve always been active and for most of my adult life I have tried to make exercise a priority; however, CrossFit has been different from any other fitness program I have been a part of. Before joining, I assumed it was just for the elite athlete but boy was I wrong. There is a variety of people who CrossFit, from all ages and all body types. My favorite part is that all I do is show up and put in the work. Not only are the workouts customized for each day, but there is a personal coach to help me learn as well as achieve. The best part of joining CrossFit is meeting others that I now call my friends.

Personally, I have never been much of a weightlifter but that has become one of my favorite parts of CF. I feel strong and I love showing my children that their mom is strong!