Featured Athletes – Shanna and Lee Briggs

I have been a proud member of CFB or the past four years. I really didn’t think it was even possible with my limitations. I have had six knee surgeries including three ACL replacements. So, I was thinking of more along the lines of water aerobics as my fitness future. I signed up and thought it might last a few months. Boy was I wrong! I got hooked. Not only did I see a
stronger new me, I gained so many new things that I didn’t expect. I tell my kids constantly to surroundyourself with people who build you up and not tear you down. That’s exactly what you get when you walk into CFB. The friendships that I have made totally make me a better person in the gym and out of the gym. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and want you to be a safe, strong athlete. I may not RX workouts, but I push myself everyday to see what my body can accomplish. Lee and I lead very busy lives with full time jobs and raising two teenage daughters. We rarely go to the gym together due to our schedules, but the workouts are daily topics of conversation in our house. CFB has definitely brought us closer as we are each other’s biggest supporters. I want to grow old with Lee and working out at CFB will keep us strong, fit and healthy.