Featured Athletes – Katie Rollins

Hi! My name is Katie Rollins, and I am currently a junior at Lamar University. Just over two years ago right before starting college I came across CrossFit Beaumont. I decided I would try it out. I remember how nervous I felt to try out something completely knew and something that seemed so intimidating. Especially since I didn’t know anyone at the gym. I almost decided to not go, but I am so thankful that I did. From the moment I tried CrossFit I was hooked! Everyone was always so nice and encouraging even though they didn’t know me. The coaches really put in the effort to teach me whatever lifting movement we were doing any specific day. Now two years in I can say I am thankful for CrossFit Beaumont. It has become a stress relief and something I look forward to. My day always seems to start better after going to a morning class. I always leave feeling accomplished. I am thankful though not only for the awesome workouts, but the community. I have made some of my dearest and closest friends at CrossFit! I have had so many laughs in and out of the gym with what I call my CrossFit family. I am healthier, stronger, and happier since becoming a member. I know that might sound extremely dramatic to some, but I really feel that way.