Featured Athletes – Charla Fagg

My name is Charla. I joined CrossFit Beaumont almost one year ago in July of 2019 and I am so glad I did.
At one time in my life I was about 80 pounds heavier. I decided I wanted to make a lifestyle change and
wanted to be healthier and thinner. I began walking and trying to eat better and started losing weight. I
then joined a regular gym and worked out at one for many years. I fell in love with fitness and it became
a huge part of my life. After a while though the workouts were really boring and I just felt like I wasn’t
improving at all. My friend invited me to the free Saturday class at CFB and it was love at first workout!
The workouts were so challenging and really pushed me past my limits. Crossfit is my outlet for stress
and something that gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I never thought I would be able to do a
handstand or a double under, but I am constantly being challenged with new skills. Every time I go, the
coaches push me, and I see improvements in strength and endurance. I am absolutely in the best shape
of my life. The coaches are all amazing and encourage me so much. The members even encourage and
help the newcomers and never make you feel uncomfortable for being inexperienced. The reason for
this is that Neal and Erica set the tone for everyone. They truly care about every member and go beyond
just the workout to helping you change all aspects of your life to become a healthier and better version
of yourself. I am truly grateful to be a part of the CFB family!