Featured Athletes – Becky Marino & Chris Draths


Becky and I began running together about 15 years ago. We were primarily trying to shed fat from marital bliss and numerous children.  As the miles and years went by, it didn’t seem to matter if we added more miles or ran faster. We weren’t burning more calories. So we added weight training with a trainer. Then we joined a tennis team, started swimming, hiking, biking. We were having fun at the time but had no idea how great our lives were about to become, or that our families would join us in our new journey!


We began crossfit in a kid’s garage.  When he left to chase the snow, he told us about this guy Neal who had a crossfit gym.   That was two years ago.  We were intimidated, embarrassed, and very bad at the Olympic lifts.  Though our improvement has come in baby steps, we are stronger, leaner and more fit.  This has only been accomplished through the encouragement of so many people at the box.


Thank you Kara for always pushing us to go a little bit farther, a little bit higher, a little bit heavier than we think we can. Thank you Sean and Clayton for your encouragement and drill sergeant attitude early in our ineptitude. Thank you Toben for increasing our vocabulary and putting your own creativity in the WODs.  Thank you to the many friends we have made, most of you 30 years younger than us, who have laughed with us, yelled for us, and made us part of the family.


And most of all thank you Neal for the atmosphere you have created at the box. It is competitive but friendly, frustrating but rewarding, intense and fun, challenging and satisfying.  You are the key that makes it all work and we’re so glad that kid told us to look you up!