Featured Athlete – Sheree Pierce

I am a lifetime member of a very well-known weight loss program.  It wasn’t easy. I earned that status by losing 65 pounds back in 02-03.  As of August 2010, I had “found” all but 7 of them.  I was too embarrassed to return to try to lose it again.  The summer was miserable especially since I refused to wear shorts or anything sleeveless.

About two years earlier, my daughter had started these INSANE workouts where you worked a short time but as hard as you could for that time.  She also began to eat what I thought was terribly UNhealthy.  She ate lots of meat (even red) and refused things like whole wheat bread and rice.  I called it her “Keep Austin Weird Diet and Exercise.” WHAT was she doing to herself? I soon found out.  She was getting herself faster, leaner and healthier.  I began to pay attention.  Next think I know, she has become a coach of this insanity and soon she convinced her old high school friend, Clayton, to give it a try and I watched him transform.  They were like some kind of cult.

One August afternoon, I was hot, tired (from doing NOTHING SIGNIFICANT) and absolutely disgusted with myself so went to CFB’s website and started to look around.  Look at those people!  They’re in such great shape and doing things like pull-ups and throwing around heavy balls and jumping on boxes…things I could NEVER do.  I told my daughter about it and she introduced me to the concept of “scale.” I mentioned that I might go see Neal to see if he thought I was able to CrossFit.  Within 5 minutes she copied me on the email she sent him warning him I was interested.  I copied the page from the web site and highlighted the part about “scaling to any level” and walked into CFB holding that in front of me.  Neal promised me that I would be carefully monitored to keep me from hurting myself (like I’d work that hard, I thought) and I would NOT be ridiculed by ANYONE.  I signed up for On Ramp.

I started CrossFit on Labor Day 2010.  The morning after my first On Ramp class was painful.  I could hardly walk and sitting on the toilet required holding onto the door frame and window sill to slowly lower myself into position.  After the next day, my arms were in is as bad shape as my legs.  Interesting. I thought I was just going to DIE…but I went back on Thursday night. (At that time On Ramp was 3 nights a week for 2 weeks.) AND I went back the next week for the rest of the classes. I learned about scaling and proclaimed myself the “Queen of Scale.”  When they ran 200m, I ran 100 (and sometimes walked.) I did wall push-ups and ring rows.  I used a 4# med ball, my rower was set on about 5 and I jumped on ONE 45# bumper.  More often than not I lifted an empty bar and sometimes just a pvc bar.  My squat BARELY broke parallel and I always set up a band for help after the first 15 or so sit-ups.  No one looked twice and, as far as I know, no one belittled me.  (Not that I would have cared by this time.)

I started going to the 6am workouts (because I was told that that class was the least attended.) Having NEVER been ANY kind of athlete, coaching was something new to me.  I soon learned that I was better off letting THEM decide how much I would scale, because I would scale WAY too much.  And you know what? I was getting better! I vividly remember the time I didn’t have to touch the band during sit-ups. I was still running 200m for warm-up (and making it my goal to beat the 400m runners back) when one day in December we had an 800m time trial.  I was assured that I was capable and that no one would lock the door and go home before I got back.  I did it in something like 6:54 walking briefly 3 different times.  I was told by my classmates that I was no longer allowed to run a 200m warm up! Recently I did that 800m without walking AT ALL in 5:57. Other milestones include moving to the bar for pull-ups (I am now down to green/purple for work-out and green for warm-up), regularly jumping on a 12” box and on a 16” for warm-up, and swinging a 26# kb. (I did 10 swings the other day with the new 30#, too!)  I actually started adding weight to that bar for lifting! And I LOVE lifting days.  The strength training we did in February and March was a blast.  I increased my ohs by 10#’s, fs by 15#’s and bs by 25#’s.  I actually think they’re even higher now!  Did I mention my 195# dead lift? Yeah.  I did that!  ME!!!

In addition to the coaching, the encouragement of teammates is something totally new to me.  Having them waiting at the door and cheering me in from a run or yelling my name when I’m back by the basketball goal or the only one still working: UNBELIEVABLY motivating.  I would do anything NOT to disappoint them.  The day we did the WOD with 150 wall balls was when I realized I may be just a little competitive.  I had scaled myself to do 100 but first I counted for Serennah who did all 150.  When I got to 100, I just kept going.  Don’t remember my time.  Don’t care.  I did 150 wall balls…using a 10# ball.

Paleo has been another adventure.  I bought Paleo Solution and was SOLD after reading his personal story in the first chapter.  I take meds for high cholesterol and I must admit, I was a little nervous.  (Nuts, WHOLE eggs, red meat and…BACON???) Know what? I don’t even crave the bread, cheese and sweets any more. Now that doesn’t mean I NEVER eat them, just not often.  I had blood work done 4 days before I started this journey and again 6 months later.  In that 6 months I had only lost 18 pounds which royally pissed me off but reminded me why I don’t weigh.  I am, however, down 2 pants sizes. My cholesterol was down from 187 to 150.  (It had been in the 226 range several times in the past.  That’s why I was on meds.) My doctor cut my meds in half and expects to discontinue them next time. Other numbers were down as well, except for the good cholesterol which went UP 10 points! He just kept smiling and shaking his head as I described my diet and exercise style.  He asked if I didn’t hurt myself.  I told him that I hurt every time I walk out of that place!

Know what else I love about CFB?  I love the young exciting people who coach and encourage me and those who work out with me.  I love the variety of the WODs.  (I do NOT check the site before I go work out!) I love doing things I never DREAMED I do. (Did you see my tire-flippin’ video?  It’s awesome!) I love it that last night in a store my son was looking for me when I was right in front of him with my back turned to him.  He said he didn’t realize it was me because I was so thin.  I love it that my daughter bought me a tank top from HER CrossFit.

I don’t miss the chance to tell folks what I am doing (and they’re starting to notice and ask so I get lost of opportunity these days!) “Crossfit and eating clean.” I also think it is my mission to let those who are scared know that if I can do it, THEY can do it.  I love the Saturday 11am free class because I usually get to encourage someone who is unsure.

What now?  I’m going to learn toe pushups and double-unders!


26 thoughts on “Featured Athlete – Sheree Pierce”

  1. You are an amazing inspiration and friend. I love working out with you before the sun rises! We push each other on our weaknesses like no one else can. I can’t wait to be back and watch you continue to succeed. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. What a story! I’m proud of you sweet lady! You are very inspiring to so many people. I bet your children are stoked that their mom is doing something so great for herself! You rock!!!

  3. WOW! That was fast, Neal! I realized that I cheated myself on the 800m times. They were actually 5:54 and 4:57. Thanks EVERYBODY! The support from teammates is SO motivating!

  4. I am so so proud of you!!! It is awesome to workout with you each morning!!! You push me and are the little (or loud) voice in my head when I think im too tired to keep going. Love it!!! Enjoy doing every challenge with you!!! Keep it up girl you are amazing!!! You are proof that we can go beyond what we even think if we give in to the process!!! ( Oh and you actually ended up beating my time on the 150 wall balls… you killed that workout)

  5. I’m so glad you decided to join our box. It’s been great having you in classes and showing people that this really is for everyone as long as you have the heart and drive to push yourself. Keep striving for that next level Sheree!

  6. Congratulations! Not only do you deserve this for all the hard work you’ve put in, but you are possibly the nicest and most enthused member at CFB! Great job!

  7. Sheree, I’m seriously proud of all your accomplishments. You’re a awesome athlete, and a true example of what effort and diligence produces. I use you as an example to my bootcamp members, as a CrossFit success story. Good luck blasting through your future accomplishments!

  8. WOW! Thank-you ALL! Never thought I would be inspiring people! Truth is, though, that if I can do it ANYBODY can! I am so motivated by your recognition! Thanks, again.

  9. What a great story. Sheree, you ARE an inspiration! You look amazing and have such a positive attitude. I have a friend who has told me I need to come check CFB out, but I haven’t had the gumption yet. Maybe it’s about that time! Keep up the awesome work!

  10. Very proud son of such a hard working mother. I feel as if she could write a book on her accomplishments through CF. I hear a different story everyday of her time spent there and it is Truly inspiring. Keep up the hard work and continue making us proud. “ON TO THE NEXT ONE!”

  11. Rayma, contact me. I would LOVE to convince you to give it a try. 673-0884. At least go to the FRREE Saturday at 11am class. There will be LOTS of people there just like you.l Thanks, Jacob, that means a lot and comments like yours (and all these) keep me motivated! And Hugh, you are my favorite son! LoveUMoM

  12. Yay Sheree!!! Can you believe that it has already been 8 months since our first on-ramp class? I am so proud for you and all of your accomplishments! I am especially impressed that you attend the 6 a.m. class…now that is dedication!

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Yohannes Taddesse


Honestly, when I first joined CrossFit Beaumont back in July of 2021, I was in a weird place both mentally and physically. To get out of the rut, I tried other gyms, and I couldn’t find myself driven enough to go past three months or so. But when I tried that first class with CrossFit Beaumont, I knew immediately that I would be coming back. In fact, I signed up that very day. Though I had played soccer all my life and I was participating in the occasional 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons, I left that first class realizing how out of shape I really was. I was excited to come back and face the challenge. I recently learned that fitness is health and wellness throughout lifetime and by that definition, my journey is not complete. However, I have been here two years now and I am the healthiest that I have ever been. I am in a good place both mentally and physically. And as a plus, in sharing the challenge of the class with others, I made some of my best friends. I can never give enough appreciation to the coaches and the members that guided and cheered me through all of it . . . There just aren’t enough words. But I am now part of the coaching staff and it’s exciting for me to be able to share and help guide others through the fitness journey that I went and still am going through.


Sophie Hurley


Staying active has always been part of my life. I played sports growing up and I have been a dancer my entire life. In college I was searching for the next step in my health and fitness journey, not sure of where to go to achieve my goals. I stumbled upon CrossFit Beaumont and never looked back. The constant variation kept me interested and allowed me to do things I love as well as improving weaknesses. I am a dance instructor and I have a passion for sharing an active lifestyle with others. I am so grateful for the relationships I have developed within this community. Becoming a coach has been a dream come true and I am proud to be on the CFB team. There is nothing quite like the environment of CrossFit Beaumont and the opportunities I have to improve myself and cheer on those around me.


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)

Sean Bebeau


” Growing up, I was always on the move. I loved playing baseball, basketball, and football with friends. I loved the comradery we built over years of continuously rooting each other on. I especially loved the competition that forced us all to grow and improve. As I have begun my journey to becoming a coach at CrossFit Beaumont, I’ve realized the reasons I enjoy CrossFit so much are the very same reasons I loved athletics in my younger years. I’ve formed amazing friendships with the people I see in class every day. There is an awesome sense of competition that pushes me to do my absolute best in each workout. The benefits of the CrossFit methodology are great, but what makes CrossFit special is its unparalleled culture. I’m proud to be a part of the unbelievable team at CFB. I’ve seen the dedication and care that our coaches pour into their classes and athletes first hand. It is my goal to do the same for each person I get the opportunity to coach. “


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)

Javob Yentzen


I started at CFB almost 8 months ago. I will say JJ thoroughly disappointed me in promoting the atmosphere and the fun in suffering I have experienced. At least Neal would tell me to try it out from time to time. I am husband to Heather of 9 wonderful years, and father of crazy, wild, and awesome kiddos Bryson (3) and Bailey (5). Through the years since college, I really have just got into that sedentary life style that I always knew I needed to get out of. I needed it for my mental health as much as for my physical health. I have always done a month here and a couple months there at these globo gyms in town, just to never hang on and not find anything that got my competitive juices going. I have found that in life you will always find time for things that you enjoy and things that are important to you. And these gyms were never anything I enjoyed or became a priority. I now look at my schedule every week and see what classes I can make because CFB checks those enjoyment and important boxes. Since joining CFB, the fellowship and encouragement from members/coaches (now many friends) have been things that stuck out to me. Always someone there encouraging when you feel like you don’t have that last rep or those last 10 calories on those horrible assault bikes. Oh and I’ve also never been this fit in my life and look forward to the progress I know is still in front of me. Thank you to all friends and coaches! Can’t wait to get another pair of shoes……….


CF-L1 Trainer



I’ve been around sports my entire life. I played the big three growing up: baseball, basketball, and football and I continued to play baseball into college for five (5) years. I’ve seen and met all types of coaches and I’ve learned many lessons from them all. Coaching and teaching have always been passions of mine. Helping others set goals, seeing their journey, and helping them achieve those goals is something that really drives me. Crossfit has let me continue these competitive and coaching passions on a daily basis. We have great coaches at CFB that bring their own flair and styles which let myself and members gain a wealth of knowledge to continue to set and achieve goals.


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)



I have always been an athlete, from swimming, volleyball, basketball, softball and powerlifting, but college changed a lot of that for me. As I moved to Beaumont in 2014, I started getting into a little routine at a local gym, but it wasn’t feeding my need, just checking off a task on the to-do list. I hadn’t touched a barbell in what seemed like ages and lost sight of my self-confidence. All of that changed when I came to Crossfit Beaumont. It’s funny, reminiscing about that first day you walked in, those feelings and that slight anxiety, but it changed my life. The workouts were like nothing I’ve been through before, the motivation from other athletes, who were complete strangers then, was a new concept all together and the fact that we were doing it all together really changed the dynamic of working out for me.

Since joining, I have become a Crossfit Level 1 Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer and a USAWeightlifting Coach. I have crushed goals and made new ones, I’ve learned to set my pride and ego aside and become coachable and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without the people I surround myself with at our gym. The passion, dedication and fun put into what we do here takes ‘just working out’ to a whole new level and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification



Growing up I always wanted to be a ballerina! I stayed active in dance and in swimming throughout the years. In 2012 post college I needed some structure in my workouts and habits. Oh my did I fall hard for Crossfit! Since joining Crossfit I have found a balance with my workouts and nutrition that I desired. As a coach, I love bringing other people into the wonderful community we have here at CFB.


CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2)



CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Coach I have always had a passion for sports and fitness and love to compete no matter what. I thought myself in pretty good shape until trying my first CrossFit workout, Fight Gone Bad. Afterwards I was left on the floor unable to move wondering what the hell had just happened to me. I was hooked. Since starting I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and gained more endurance than I thought possible. CrossFit Beaumont is my dream come true of bringing a new level of training to everyone willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to attain elite fitness.CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Coach I have always had a passion for sports and fitness and love to compete no matter what. I thought myself in pretty good shape until trying my first CrossFit workout, Fight Gone Bad. Afterwards I was left on the floor unable to move wondering what the hell had just happened to me. I was hooked. Since starting I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and gained more endurance than I thought possible. CrossFit Beaumont is my dream come true of bringing a new level of training to everyone willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to attain elite fitness.


CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
USA Weightlifting Club Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics Coach
CrossFit Running & Endurance Coach


Owner/Head Coach

My whole life I’ve been involved with cheerleading, gymnastics, track, the whole nine yards; so when I stepped into my first CrossFit class as a collegiate cheerleader in January 2011 I was expecting it to be just another day at the gym and no big deal. Wow, was I mistaken! The first fifteen minutes of class I was sweating more and working harder than I ever had in a gym. I knew that I had found my new sport, CrossFit. The more I came the stronger I got, the faster I moved the more I was hooked. I love that the hard work we put in constantly reaps results and that no matter what you’re doing there’s someone there pushing you or dying along side with you. Training others has been the biggest blessing and I love seeing our community at CrossFit Beaumont thrive!


CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2)
B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics


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