Featured Athlete – Phil Ruff

My Crossfit journey at CFB started almost 4 years ago, however, my interest in Crossfit started years before that. I had always been active in team sports, running, and cycling. There were very few days that I did not do some form of exercise as it is my stress reliever. I also liked to eat a lot, so I had to balance the calories somehow.

Soon after moving to Beaumont in 2010, I suffered another knee injury which ultimately led to my decision to hang up my basketball shoes. After rehab and getting back to the gym, I found myself getting bored with the same weekly routine. I missed the team atmosphere, and intensity that basketball provided. I tried to use running and cycling to fill the gap, but the time commitments and wear and tear on my joints was taking its toll.

I had been reading various articles about Crossfit, and took interest in the fitness and passion that members have. One day I came across the games on TV, and thought that looks really fun and very challenging, so I started looking into gyms in the area. I recall seeing a kettlebell sticker with CFB on a car in front of me one day, so I decided to give CFB a try. I remember how humbling it was to realize during the 101 classes how poor my mobility and flexibility had become over the years, and how exhausting a 5-minute workout could be! 4 years later, I can’t see myself doing anything else. I attend every day that I can, and couldn’t ask for a more positive and supportive group of coaches and friends. Even on the hardest of days, no matter what is going on in your life there is always someone there to push you through, and make your day better.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the CFB family for all they do in the community to give back. Whether it’s collecting toys for children in need at Christmas, holding a fundraiser for the members impacted by Harvey, collecting clothes for the area or some of the many other community/member activities you do. I am proud to be a member of CFB!