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For about as long as I can remember I have been self-conscious about my body. Even in high school, when I was dancing everyday with the drill team, I never

Kim’s Looking Good!

felt like I was in great shape. But, when I graduated and stopped dancing, that’s when the real trouble began. Each year I was buying bigger jeans but holding on to the old ones for that one day when I’d magically fit back into them. In the last 5 years I have tried weight watchers, sweating it out on the dreaded elliptical, B12 shots, adipex, and 30-Day Shred among many other things. Don’t get me wrong, those things may work for some people but for me they never stuck; I would get bored and fall back into my old routine. That being said, I’m pretty sure I have lost and regained the same 10 lbs about 20 times.

About a year and a half ago, my boyfriend Jacob – now my fiancé 🙂 – started working out at Crossfit Beaumont when it seemed that everyone was jumping on that “bandwagon”. To tell you the truth, I thought it was really annoying the way everyone was talking about it all the time; I kept calling it the Crossfit Cult. I couldn’t go anywhere with Jacob without hearing about it, especially when all the Franks brothers were together! If someone would have told me then that I would be doing it too in about a year, I would have laughed in their face! I was super intimidated by everything Crossfit was about. But I had to admit, after seeing all the success stories I was jealous… I wanted one of my own.

In January of this year I had finished 1 year of nursing school, and all those late-night study sessions filled with sugary coffee and junk food had helped me get good grades but also added 12 lbs to my already overweight “physique”. I was desperate for a change. A friend of mine posted a link to a “Crossfit Bootcamp” on Facebook and the pictures showed people like me working out… I thought I’m not ready to go to the Beaumont gym but maybe I could handle something like this. So, being unemployed I scraped together my “Christmas money” and signed up! Ever since my first workout, I’ve been hooked!

Crossfit, along with the Paleo diet, has completely changed my life. I have so much more energy, I am stronger, more toned, not to mention, I have lost 46 lbs! I can zip up jeans I haven’t worn since high school and for once in my life I’m not completely insecure in a bathing suit! Don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go but I know that with Crossfit, my goals are achievable! Crossfit and my workout buddies make working out fun and exciting! I never get bored with this new routine and I love getting to constantly challenge myself and trying to beat my old records. I am constantly getting better, stronger and faster… I have never seen results like this. So, if you’re sitting where I was only 6 months ago, then what are you waiting for? Come change your life.

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  • Neal

    Congratulations on all of your success!

  • Jaywes23

    Awesome story Kim, congrats on your success and keep up the great work!

  • Jacob

    So proud of you!!! Now you’re the one who won’t quit talking about it! I love it and I love you!

  • Cassi

    Kimbo!!! True crossfitter, it runs thru her blood!:) I am so proud and super inspired! So honored to have been able to watch you conquer some of your goals, you are def beastly Kim!!!

  • Jeremy j

    Wow what a great story Kim! Im going to show this to my wife cause she seems to have the same perspective now as you once did. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Sheree

    What a great story! I especially like the part about seeing “people like me” in the pictures. Yeah there are a lot of elite athletes in CF, but there are a lot of “people like me” too.
    Congrats on your success. Your story is an inspiration! Keep up the good work!

  • cassie d

    Amazing work lady! I love the Crossfit cult comment. Hehe I had the same thought too until I was the results.

  • Devin W.

    Great job telling your success story! Your hard work and dedication has definitely paid off!!!!! You are looking great…keep it up!

  • Becky

    Awesome story, Kim! Keep up the hard work sister 🙂

  • TonyaD

    Awesome story Kim! You look great! Sometimes it is fun to be a part of a cult, huh???!!! Congratulations on your success! It certainly shows!

  • Josh Cherry

    Thats Awesome Kim keep up the good work, I LOVE seeing stories like this one!

  • JJ

    time to step up to CFB but lookin good KIM!

  • CA

    Kim, youre awesome! Cant wait to see your progress over the NEXT 5 months!

  • KimberlyW

    Thanks everyone for all of your kind words! I could not do this without the support of all my friends at CFBB! I feel so honored to be selected as a featured athlete!

  • Josh Thigpen

    This is awesome to hear Kim! Really happy for you. Cult thing is hilarious. My wife would definitely agree it drives her crazy how much I rave about it. I know what you mean about staying up late with sugary coffee and snacks to study, it felt like the only way to focus. Congrats and keep up the good work!

  • Tiffany Smith-Sandvick

    Kimberly, you inspire me so much! Like you I have been hearing EVERYONE talking about Crossfit but I was so embarrased to try it. Well, I went to a free workout today in Vidor and I loved it!! It was the hardest thing I have ever done and my body was in total shock lol, I even threw up (sorry if that grosses you out). I have been saying my entire life that I was going to lose weight, and now since I tried the bootcamp and know that I can do it I am totally motivated. I cannot wait until I can say I have lost 46 LBS!! WAY TO GO!!

  • StephenW

    Congratulation, Ms Woods, both on your featured athlete status and on your engagement. A very inspiring story.

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