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Yay Teamwork!

 WOD 9/23/11

As Fast As Possible:

1 x 800m Run

2 x 400m Run

3 x 200m Run

Rest 1:1

Cash Out: 50 Push-Ups & 50 Dumbbell Push Press (45/30)

You can break up the reps however you want, just get it done fast!

There will be no 10am class on Saturday but we will have our free 11am class. If you want to workout Saturday morning go to the free class or sign up for the free competition!

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  • Sheree

    We never get to play London Bridge when I’m there.

  • Jaywes23

    3:02/1:33/1:36/ :42/ :44/ :40
    5:55 RX cash out
    Toughest wod in a while, running is my enemy

  • Clint

    Does rest 1:1 mean rest 1 minute between runs?

  • Jay

    Nope, rest as long as it takes you to do the run.

  • jason

    I am taking the day off so that I am fresh tomorrow. I would LOVE to do this WOD it’s all my favorite stuff. Lots of running and presses.

  • Neal

    1:1 rest means the rest to work ratio.

  • Serennah

    Sheree this was a Sat. Wkout and it was a longer WOD…. We had to definitely push through!!

  • Clint

    Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow! I’ll try and bring my kids out to cheer everyone on once the morning soccer games are over.

  • Erin

    Wow what a WOD!! The quote “what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger” was on repeat in my mind during this grueling workout… Thought for sure I was going to quit after the first 400 but Neal convinced me to keep going.


  • Clint

    Runs: 3:06 – 1:23 – 1:26 – :41 – :46 – :43
    Runs were done on the track at the wellness center (too many turns)

    Cashout was harder than the WOD – 6:49 RX

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