Triple Play


WOD 11/8/12

Squat Snatch – 12 minutes to find a heavy single



Wall Ball (20/14)

Russian Twists (20/14)



Rest 5 minutes:



KB Swings (55/35)

Box Jumps (24/20)

Dumbbell Push Press (45/30)


Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday our coaches will be taking an Olympic Lifting class. Therefore we will not have class on Friday at 4:30 & 5:30PM. Our Saturday classes will also be cancelled. Your membership to CFB also gives you access to CF Lumberton and CF Mid-County which will be open if you would like to drop in to either gym. Check their websites for class times.

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  • Taillon

    Better bring my damn A game tomorrow.

  • burt

    wish I had time to make it to CFB today, love this kinda stuff

  • Vick

    I may try to make this one.

  • Danielle H

    I really could use the skill work today…I probably won’t go for a heavy single, but work on form and getting into the squat the heavier I do go. I need to improve on that and break my mental block! WORK WORK WORK. Hopefully I can make today.

  • Neal

    190# snatch


    10ish rx on workout two. Can’t remember my exact time. The box jumps were realy tough

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    155# squat snatch
    3:55 rx
    14:53 rx. big box jumps for this old guy

  • Krystal

    Everything seems so backwards to me! the first workout was the harder of the two for me. I’ve got to get stronger!

  • Danielle H

    BAHAHAHA! Jeremy…old guy….Krystal, keep at it and you will! EAT MORE BACON! lol i couldn’t resist.

  • Danielle

    4:44 purple band for pull-ups first rd then red the rest… Did wall balls and RT unbroken. 13 flat on second wod rx with 45# kb…. That was rough

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