To The Rocker


Back Squat:

1X5 @ 60%

1X3 @ 70%

1X2 @ 80%

1X2 @ 90%

1X1 95% – rest 2 min. between each set.


20 minutes to get as far as possible in the ladder:

30′ Broad Jumps
20 Russian KB Swings (70/55)
10 OH Walking Lunges 45/25#
60′ Broad Jumps
40 Russian KB Swings (70/55)
20 OH Walking Lunges 45/25#



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  • Jj

    Did jt today. 17:34 two mats. Rx ring dips. Ring pushups. The reps are 21 15 9

    First set was easy. Coming back to 15 hspu was terrible. Forced to do singles

  • Sheree Pierce

    Here’s where that “constantly varied” part shows up!
    Did all the bs % for the first time I think! 90#-145#
    I got to 40/80 KGB swings. (35#, 10#)

  • Sheree Pierce

    KGB? Maybe that IS Russian kettle bell swings!

  • Fara

    Disappointed in my back squats…got up to 180×2, failed at 195# 🙁

    3 completed rds, 40 of the 80 rkb swings. RX’d

    The 55# kb got heavy….

    Thanks Crossfit!

  • Jj

    Db bench press 3×10. 50#

    21-15-9 burpees and pullups with 50 du before each set. 9:37

  • hardyf

    Oh how those swings in round three take everything out of you

  • Scott

    BSquats at % of 260 lbs. Probably should use heavier weight. RX’d the WOD. Got 63 KB swings into my 4th round. Those KB swings were not easy by any means. Got to a point where I was only doing sets of 5 since my back was getting sore slinging around that 70 lb. KB.

  • Neal

    310on last set of Back squats

    3 Rounds + 30 Overhead lunges. Almost finished the fourth…

  • jason

    3 rounds plus 26 swings. My aching freaking lower back!

  • Cody

    365# bs. 3 rds + 50 swings Rx.

  • Dena

    210 on back squats
    3 complete rounds plus 2 lunges.
    200 RKB at 55# ouch lower back!

  • josh t.

    315X1 on BS
    3 rds plus 15 overhead lunges into 4th rd rx.

  • Jon

    355 x 1 on Squats, new pr

  • Danielle H

    220# on bs (15# PR), RX’d wod first three rounds, dropped to 45#kb in fourth round and got 45 reps. It got heavy fast. lower back feeling it today for sure!

  • Summers

    3 rounds + 10 swings at RX. That kb was getting bad! still sore today

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