Times They Are A-Changin’


One of the Top Rowers & One of the Top Runners at CFB

WOD 3/24/11

“Warren Lee”

4 Rounds, Each for Time:

400m Run

50 Air Squats

40 Sit-Ups

30 Push-Ups

20 Pull-Ups

Rest EXACTLY 2 minutes

We’re looking for a new warehouse building for CFB. If you know of a 3000-5000SF building with tall ceilings and bay doors let us know so we can try and get into a new place by the end of summer!

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  • hardyf

    I will be there and try to loosen this back up.

  • hardyf

    Well, I didn’t make it got pulled into a work lunch

  • Sean

    33:13 RX including the rest times. Great WOD!

  • hardyf

    30 minutes for 3 including rest did it at home sub DU for pull ups, almost puked lol!

  • Jason

    29:54 Rx. I was excited about catching JJ’s skinny butt until I realized you had to do 3 minute rest. I’m getting close though.

  • JJ

    no actually i adjusted the time on the board. you beat me. touche jason.
    my time was 30:48rx

    my achilles heel is pushups and 30 in a round is no bueno for me. only thing that i broke really.

    nice work!

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