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WOD 6/27/13

Clean & Jerk – 7 minutes to find a heavy single


Clean & Jerk – 2 reps every minute for 7 minutes


3 Rounds For Maximum Reps

30 Seconds of Work: 30 Seconds of Rest

Ring Push-Ups (sub normal push-ups)

Hang Squat Clean Thruster (95/65)

Double Unders

L-Hang (sub leg or knee raises; no kipping)

10m Farmers Carry (55/35)

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  • Tammy

    After the workouts earlier this week, this one was a breeze! I liked those 30 second breaks!

  • Dan

    155# c&j, 93 reps rx

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    Dropped in to CFMC. Set a new PR on C&J at 240.

    Used 205 for the first two rounds of EMOM and 185 for the last five.

    WOD was pretty rough after that heavy lifting but I gave it hell. Have no idea how many reps of each…just tried to do what I could.

  • Greg

    Have no idea about how many reps, wasn’t sure how to score it and lost count.

    205# on c&j

    155# for emom for 7min
    Felt kinda puny all day

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