Stretch After Every Workout


Chris and some members from his BootCamp

 WOD 8/30/11

Skill/Strength: KettleBell Snatch 5-5-3-3-2-2-2


AMRAP in 10 mins:

1 pushup

1 Back Squat (bodyweight)

1 burpee

Add 1 rep to each movement at the beginning of each new round.


Cash Out: Max Tire Flips in 90 seconds


And remember to stretch afterwards!

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  • Sheree Pierce

    Big Rooster Crew today! Lots of WORK, too. Thouight having 2 heats was silly because you just add 1 every round WRONG! You really do need someone to count for you. You just get lost. Thanks, Chris.
    And unless you have less than 10 secs on the clock you are NOT finished. Thanks, Kara for pushing me. I should have gone on to the back squats.

    7 rds + 8 push-ups (75# and toe pushups with NO band assist!)

    Did 18# on the kb snatch. Moved to 26 but form needed work and Kara moved me back down. SO UNcoordinated.

    Oh, and I got 17 tire-flips. (I think I got 13 last time but I think it was only 60secs.)

  • Sheree Pierce

    this one was fun…and I learned that you do NOT stop unless there are less than 10 seconds left on the clock…right, Kara?!

    Used the 18# kb for all the skill work. Moved up to the 26# but form wasn’t good so I had to go back.

    I got 7 rounds + 8 pushups. 75# and ALL toe push-ups WITH NO BAND ASSIST!

    Got 17 flips. I think I got 14 last March when we did a 60 sec. That needs work.

    Another good day at CFB!

  • Sheree Pierce

    Posted once. Came back later to see if anyone else had posted and mine wasn’t up so I redid it. Sorry.

  • Clayton

    11am. 7 rds at 225#. 90# kb. Kicked it off with 1 1/2 mike run.

  • Austin

    Can’t wait to do the tire flips

  • hardyf

    8 Rds + 9 Pushups @ 155# BS (not my BW), 33 tire flips

  • BeckyR

    9 rounds on the WOD, but barely! I think I had one second left. only used a 15# bar because of my back, but it felt good to at least use some weight, I’ve been doing air squats for the past two weeks :-/

  • Neal

    Did Grace first 2:55, PR by 14 seconds!

    8 rounds plus 9 push ups and 1 squat @ 185# on today’s workout.

  • Neal

    37 tire flips

  • Jamie Coleman

    8rounds 9push ups 9FS @115#!

  • Erin

    6 rounds and some change @ 85#
    The squats were the hardest part!

  • Miguel

    8 rds @ 135lbs, 30lbs less than body weight. 29 Tire flips

  • amber

    100# 9 rounds, 18 flips…for some reason I was smiling during flips- guess by that time I had lost my mind….lol

  • Jason G.

    8 Rounds @ 210#, 33 Tire Flips

  • JJ

    35 flips.

    8 rds + 4 pushups RX 155#

  • fara

    We had a full rooster house this morning….12roosters!!!
    8 rds +pushups+6 back squats….so almost 9. At 100#s
    17tireflips…..then realized that flipping as many as you can in a row before going back the other direction would give you more flips….oh well! Will know next time. 🙂

  • Sean

    9 rds RX (165#)
    70# KB snatch x2
    33 tire flips

  • Nathan

    70# KB
    9 rds + 7 push up @ 145# (RX + a few lbs)
    31 tire flips

  • Stephanie

    36#kb (30# on left arm)
    8rds + pushups @ 93# — I won’t comment on what the rx weight would have been. 🙂
    22 tire flips

  • Danno

    70#kb for final round
    9 rds + 10pushup RX (160#)
    33 tire flips

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