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WOD 12/7/11

Push Press 5-5-3-3-1-1


5 Rounds
8 Thrusters (95#/65#)
12 Burpees
50 Double Unders
Rest 3 minutes between rounds – Score is total time with rest included.


Scaling/Modifying – If you have any discomfort or pain in your wrist from Push Press or Thrusters switch to dumbbells. You will still get a challenging workout and since the dumbbells don’t require as much flexibility you will be able to do the same movements pain free. Don’t break yourself down and invite injury by trying to use a barbell when you should be using dumbbells.

We are having a Christmas Party this Saturday at CFMC. For information go to the facebook event page. All are invited!

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  • Sheree Pierce

    I got to 88# on the push press!!! Dropped 92# but I DID clean it up! I think my last max clean was 85#!

    28:50 on the wod with 45# and 150 singles. I think the rest time helped my attitude.

    Good job coaching, Sean. (Thanks for letting us row instead of run in 30 degrees!)

  • Jeremy J

    PUSH PRESS, HELLLL YEAH! I’m there! See ya at noon or five.

  • Erin

    88# push press
    The workout…wow….33:??
    Started w/ 63#…broke up the first set of thrusters and Neal said I should take weight off if I couldn’t do them unbroken. So I did my next set unbroken. THEN Neal said “I bet you can’t do 73# unbroken”….I got 7!!! Just couldn’t get that last one locked out overhead. Went ahead and finished the WOD using 73#. Took me FOREVER but I finished it. I’ve never used more than 55# for thrusters so even though it took me twice as long and I was the last to finish…it was still a win.

  • Sheree Pierce

    Great job, Erin! Nothing like a challenge, huh?

  • mitchel m.

    155# push press.
    22:27 first three rounds did 85# thrusters Rx double unders. Last two rounds Neal made me Rx the thrusters unbroken.
    Thanks for the push coach. That was the first time I’ve ever Rx’d thrusters, and to go unbroken… I was pretty Stoked.
    Cool down 18# overhead kettlebell pistols. Did one on each leg.

  • Jason

    Push press #185X3. Failed a single at 205. 24:40 on the WOD @#95-115. Great work Chris and Jeremy. Studs!

  • Jeremy J

    Thanks Jason. Second pr In as many days!

    205 push press.

    24:34(75,75,85,85,95…50 singles)

  • Jaywes23

    195# pp
    20:53 RX+ (95/ 95/ 95/ 115/ 125#)

  • Stephanie

    Jay you were booking it! Awesome job.

    100# push press
    24:30 rx (65/65/70/75/80)

    Neal snuck the last 5# on when I wasn’t looking and I appreciate it.

  • Dena

    125 push press 10 lb PR. 28:24 on WOD. Started with 75 then went up every round and finished with 100! All unbroken! Double unders on the other hand… curse you double unders!

    Erin great job! Let Neal keep pushing you. Love it!

  • Clayton

    255# for my last push press. Push Jerked some singles, finished at 285#. 23:00 even on the WOD 95 & 115 (25 DU’s).

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