Oops, Upside Ya Head


Shaun & Devin Wilson from CFMC and CFB BootCamps

 WOD 8/25/11


5 Rounds:

400m Run

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

30 Wall Ball (20/14)

Refer to 4/27/11

Remember, Please RSVP for open gym on Sundays from now on. If class is at CFB contact Neal by phone, text (409-651-5679), or email. If class is at CFMC contact Stefan at 409-651-0210. You must RSVP by noon on Sunday. If no one RSVP’s then there will not be open gym.

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  • Sheree Pierce

    38:55 with a 12″ box and a 10# ball. No one challenged me for DLF!!

    Oh how I love that Rooster Crew. Encouragement every time you pass someone and Amber even ran the last 100m with me and counted my last round. Wouldn’t have stopped, but I might have FALLEN!! Thanks, friend!

  • Serennah

    I love the roosters too!!! I scaled to 4 rounds same as in April and my time was 3 min slower today…. BUT… I still got a GREAT workout!! Thanks to all of you that yelled at me this morning!!!

  • Miguel

    I’ll preface this comment with that was a long and grueling workout.

    43:24, 24″ box, Did round 1 with a 20lb wb, but then dropped down to 14lb in hopes to gain some speed. Didn’t really help. None the less, I survived another day.

  • Clint

    Can’t say I’m too upset that today is a rest day. Enjoy!

  • Cassi

    46:55 rx! I hate you Kelly, your a mean bitch!!

  • Jason

    The last time I did Kelly I was swollen around the knees for a week. No mas! That girl scares me. I whooped up on Cindy instead. 16 rounds Rx. I looked at the board after I was finished and realized that everyone ahead of me is way lighter than I am. I’ll take that on a body weight WOD. 1:33 500m row after. Not a PR but it was right after a 20 minute WOD. JD, Stephen, and Miguel……. nice work. I applaud you.

  • Jaywes23

    33:22 rx
    Holy hell, December can’t come soon enough

  • Nedab

    26:39 rx…..serious cramp issues!

  • Miguel

    Good job Nedab, killing it!

  • Dena

    29.09 RX!! Kelly is a bitch but so am I! The hardest part was… not quitting.

  • Neal

    Great job guys, Kelly is a HARD workout. Everyone who RX’d today made the board so congrats!

  • JJ

    25:35 rx

  • Sabrina

    A. Kelly and I are not friends at all, ever.
    B. Dena, you are a monster. Amazing work!!!
    C. Thought my legs were literally going to fall into a pile of mush on round 4.
    And D. 36:20 Rx was rough. Thanks Brian and Neal for the last push, I needed it!

  • Dena

    Thanks Sabrina. I was worried about you. Wishing you the best though :). Let’s hope Kelly doesn’t come back for a long time.

  • Erin

    DAMN Dena!! I want to Crossfit like you when I grow up!! Good job to all the ladies who RX’d this…I’m going to give it a go next Sunday, I hope I make it out alive!!

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