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WOD 5/13/11

Complete each WOD seperately:

#1  –  100 wall ball (20#/14#)
#2  –  2k row
#3  –  50 hand release pushups

Each WOD will have an 8 minute cut off. Each WOD will begin ten minutes apart so your amount of rest before the next WOD begins will depend on how quickly you can finish the previous one.

Post your times to comments along with your best caption for Clayton’s photo.

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  • Shannon D.

    Row-a big DNF; only 1839 m

    Had fun at 6am!!! Wish I could come to more!

  • Becky

    Happy Friday the 13th!!!

  • Neal

    Noon class Killin’ It!

  • Julie

    WB – 3:49 (4# — but hey, better than nothing)
    Row – 10:06.6
    Push Ups – Can’t remember… I was dead and brain was mush, but the important thing was I actually finished ’em

    Definitely an awesome workout!

  • Becky

    noon class rocked this WOD!!!

    wall ball 4:30 @ 6#
    row 9:53.5 (THANKS NEAL FOR EXTENDING it to 10 min limit!!! I was super intimidated by this, but freaking proud I didn’t stop and got under 10 mins!!!)
    knee push ups 2:18

    BTW… I think it might be time to retire the tutu, Clayton! she is looking TOW UP!! I’ll hook u up with another 😉

  • JD

    Ouch. I am hurting. 1st 35WBs with 20lbs then switched to 14 for the last 65. 2k row 8:10. 4 reg pushups then switch to knees and it was still tough. That was a killer. Proud of my wife traci for making the board.

  • Becky

    noon class ROCKED this WOD!!!

    wall ball 4:30@ 6#

    row 9:53.5 (I was totally intimidated coming into this, glad Neal changed the limit to 10 mins! I was super proud I didn’t stop during the row and ecstatic I came in under 10 mins)

    knee push ups 2:18

    btw… I think it may be time to retire the tutu, Clayton! She is looking TOW UP!! I can hook u up with another 😉

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