No More Easy


Some of the crew from Saturday

WOD 6/23/11

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

5 Push-Ups

10 Sit-Ups

15 Air Squats

At the beginning of each minute complete 2 burpees. Post the number of rounds completed to comments.

This Saturday after the free 11am class we will begin the move to the new facility at MLK & Laurel. We would love if you could help us move all of the equipment to the new place. Consider it your workout of the day…. Expect to start shipping things over around 12:30 on Saturday. If you have a truck or trailer and can bring it that would be great. This is just the beginning of the transition, things won’t be completely ready for another couple of weeks (but we will still have classes as usual, just keep your ears open for location) Thanks for everyone’s help and support. Get ready for the new CFB!

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  • Miquel T.

    About time we get some good looking guys for WOD pictures.

  • Jeremy j

    Alright…a WOD I think I can handle. Tuesday’s did a number on my knees! See y’all at 6:00!

  • Clayton

    Resting is just as important to building muscle as a WOD is. Today is that day. Listen to your body, if it says rest, then rest.

  • Ashley

    is there any way i can sub those air squats for something different not involving my legs!! i’m still nonfunctional from tuesday and wednesdays workout geez!! LOL guess i’ll be seeing ya’ll at 5 (as i crawl through the door)!!! 🙂

  • Neal

    Ashley – We can sub Squats for step ups or lunges. It will work different muscles. or if your legs are completely toasted we can sub the movement with something completely different.

    12 Rounds w/ a 45# vest. Slow and steady….

  • JJ

    18 rounds plus 5 squats with a 20# vest

  • Denice

    Maybe Ashley can do handstand push ups instead of squats. lol

  • Miquel

    I didn’t see any handstand push ups, I was a little disappointed.

  • Mitchel

    19 rounds. no vest. 6 am class rocked it this morning.

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