WOD 5/28/13536940_779713680930_1658592310_n

5 Minutes of Handstand Skill Work – Holds, Push-Ups, Modifications, Walking


Dead Hang Pull-Ups 5-5-3-3-2-2


Tabata Thrusters (45/33) Score is total number of reps completed


Cash Out: 25 Toes To Bar – No Kipping


Neal and CFMC coach, Burt Boring, will be doing 1500 burpees starting at 4pm today at CrossFit Mid-County. If you’d like to ocme join in on some of the fun or help cheer them on we’d love your support! They are doing this as a fundrasier for Muscular Dystrophy. If you would like to donate please visit Neal’s Donation Page. All proceeds are used to send kids with MDA to summer camp!

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  • Jordon

    75 rep @ 45#
    It doesn’t look bad on paper, but that was brutal.

  • Greg

    96 reps @ 45#
    Not bad, thought I had a hundred

  • Ashley Thorpe

    Did 2 unassisted pullups for the first time!!
    64 reps RX

    Went back and 5:30 and did Randy. Didnt rx it and if I had I’d probably still be there. 8:56? @ 45#

  • Kara R

    70 RX

  • Sara

    82 reps at RX

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