Just A Normal Christmas Card


Christmas Card Caption Contest in the comments

 WOD 12/22/11

Snatch – Find your 1 rep max. Get in at least 5 heavy reps


AMRAP in 9 Minutes:

5 Overhead Squats (50-60% of your max)

200m Run

Cool Down: One set of max Overhead Squats at the weight you used for the workout.


We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  On December 23 we will have no 6pm class. December 26th we will have classes at noon, 4pm (womens class), and 5pm. Classes will resume normally on December 27.

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  • Neal

    No one knew how to react when Grandpa announced that he had just shit his pants.

  • Miguel

    On a side note, I wish that was my family.

  • JeremyWF

    TAXIDERMY…Helps the family enjoy Grandpa for many Christmases to come.

    I saw the quote online so I can’t take credit for it.

  • Jason

    I don’t know about a caption but, mustache man in the background creeps me out.

  • Nathan M.

    this is when they decided they needed an exorcism on little jamie…

    (notice girl in bottom left corner, I feel like she is going to eat my soul)

  • Jaywes23

    “I don’t have time to take these stupid family pictures…I really need to be chatting online with hot babes or at least practicing my Rex Kwan Do”

  • Clayton

    “Does anybody remember where I Put that Conrad Murray Business Card?”

  • Garret

    I don’t have any caption ideas, but I do have a question; where’s the woman that helped ‘stache make all those kids? I know he didn’t select those gold drapes by himself. And grandpa looks that way because he was just chillin’ in his wheelchair watching “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and all of the sudden he’s surrounded and captured in a photo that will live in infamy.

  • Sean

    “While following tradition and singing ‘Silent Night’ just before opening presents, little Jenna’s turrets kicked in with full force”

  • Austin S.

    “Merry Christmas from Warren and Grandpa Jeffs and their nine wives”

  • Sabrina

    Sean, lolololol I like yours the most so far!!!

  • Erin

    I vote for Austin’s! Lol

  • Scott Caldwell

    Everyone gets their pic taken with Gramps after he PRs “Fight Gone Bad” while Lil Suzy attempts a max wt Clean and Jerk.

    Still creepin around on the site watching ya’ll. Gonna start back on the WODs soon.

  • Jacob

    I put the crip in crippled.

  • Dena

    Sean and Neal have a split vote from me!!
    98 lb new max on snatch. Used 88 lbs to work on good squat snatch form. 6 rds with 63.
    31 OHS at the end with 63 lbs.

  • B.Mac

    Jeremy you’ve got my vote.

  • Neal

    175# Snatch

    6 Rounds @ 135# then 23 reps on the cash out

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