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WOD 8/11/11

500m Row Time Trial – AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

2 Rounds:

15 Med Ball Toss Overs* (20/14)

10 Barbell Lunges/leg (95/65)

15 Med Ball Toss Overs

10 Barbell Step Ups/leg (95/65) (20″/14″ Box)

Cash Out: STRETCH!

*Med Ball Toss Over – Use a medicine ball and throw it over a pull-up bar. No squat required; just get the ball over.

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  • Sheree

    Even on sucky days, you get the benefit of the wod, right? PLEASE say YES!
    My life purpose (FOR TODAY anyway) is to make y’all feel good about yourselves. If there was a video, it would be in the comedy category.

    First, I ran out of breath with 100m left to row. When I looked at the time, I was AT the time I was trying to BEAT. Then I just couldn’t catch my breath. (MENTAL!) After it was all over, I looked and I WAS LOOKING AT THE WRONG %&*#ing NUMBER!!! I could have taken a breather and beaten my pr.

    Wallball toss-over looked like a slapstick routine. I had to chase about every 3rd ball down because it hit the bar and bounced all over the place. Never got into a good rhytym. THEN when I FINALLY finished, I whacked my elbow on one of the bracket things and my whole arm went numb! Hurt like hell when the feeling came back in. AND I got to chase that med ball for 3 more sets.

    Fortunately the lunges and step-ups weren’t too bad…except for my elbow hurting in that position. (40#) I spent 9:31 on this. People were cleaning up while I was still tossing/chasing.

    When my elbow quits hurting I’m going to redo that row.

    Y’all have a nice day and KNOW you can’t be the WORST crossfitter today!

  • CA

    My lyrics are bottomless. . .

  • StephenW

    Don’t worry, Sheree. Those days come along every now and then.

  • Jeremy B

    Second day back from too much time off.
    1:37.1 on the row
    7:06 on the workout
    Scaled weight on lunges and step ups to 70lbs

  • Hardyf

    1:32.4 on row not my best, 9:24 on WOD with 75# on shoulders no overhead, 20″ box, 14# wb

  • Dena

    1:44.9 on row. Not great but my best by 5 seconds. 7:30 on WOD scaled the weights. 10 lb ball and 53 on lunges and step ups.

  • Sean

    1:36.8 on the row, put the damper at 8 on a whim, not a good idea.
    11:14 RX on the WOD

  • Neal

    Sean, should you have gone higher or lower on the damper?

  • Hardyf

    I like the damper on 9 for most rows but for 500m time you gotta have 10 to get more for your pull

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