Heavy Intervals


Heal Up Soon, Jason - And Stay Away From The Batting Cages!

 WOD 11/29/12

AMRAP in 30 minutes:

5 Squat Cleans

400m Run

10 Deadlift

5 Jerks


Rest 2 minutes after each round


There is no prescribed weight. Pick a load that is heavy for you. If you do all the squat cleans touch and go and all the Jerks unbroken then you should probably add weight.


If you cannot attend the Pub Run on December 8 but would like to donate to Toys For Tots you can bring your gift to CFB anytime from now until December 8 and we will bring it to the pick-up location. If you plan on attending the Pub Run please bring your gift that evening as we will have a representative from Toys For Tots to pick them all up.


New CFB gear is here and for sale in the lounge area. The blue hoodies are almost gone so if you want to get one pick it up soon!

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  • Jason

    Word of encouragement to everyone: Give your all everyday. I know Jeremy and Clint understand. It’s frustrating to have to sit back and watch. It is forcing me to miss out on this great community and this amazing idea of crossfit we’ve been given. I already miss you guys a lot. Keep working hard Josh, Cody, Jeremy, Grant and others because when I get back I’m ballin out and I don’t want to hear any excuses when you get beat. And yes I will be avoiding bats for the foreseeable future.

  • greg

    Jason- Was it tthe rotator cuff or something else?

  • Jason

    @ Greg, it’s a torn rotator cuff and a torn labrum. The Dr said that must’ve been a hell of a violent swing. I was like yea my core to extremity power is better than what it used to be. He did know what crossfit was and said we’re all crazy for this kind if intensity. Lol. I wanted to say, yea? And you’re fat.

  • JeremyWF

    Just give it time Jason. It goes by faster than you think. It does suck to have to sit out so long. I can’t wait to see you back at the box though. I hope this does not put an end to your softball career. We need you out there.

  • Neal

    Jason, Can you run sprints and do back squats? If so you should heavy back squat 3 times a week and come back beastly!

  • Josh T.

    I feel for you Jason. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope that you recover quickly. I’m sure you won’t lose a step when you come back!

  • Clayton

    Take care of yourself Jason. Perfect timing, you get to focus it all on little man:) Saw this wod and thought it would be a good one for a rest day. 4 rounds @ 225#. Jerks unbroken but not the cleans. The key was hang cleaning after your last Deadlift. Work smart. Miss you all, see y’all again soon. Come visit CFL. Puh puh puh please.

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    Wow what a follow up to that mean ole barbara!

    5rds @ 155#

    tried to push that fifth round under 28 minutes so I could have time to try and start a sixth after a two min break but it just wasn’t happening. this was a good one though. glad I did 155#. go heavier than you think if you havent gone yet!

  • Greg

    6 rds @75#. Would have gone heavier but trying to protect the shoulder.

  • Dena

    5 rds with 110#

    Miss seeing you at the box Jason. Get well soon.

  • Clint

    You’re right Jason, it sucks being out. Watch your diet and do what you can and you’ll be back before you know it.

  • Grant

    @Jason when I tore my labrum, I did legs 3 days a week. It made my whole body stronger when I was finally able to get back into lifting. I’m looking forward to getting you back in the box. I need someone telling me, “you’re going to let him lift more than you?”

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