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1239430_10151928276557845_123032019_nWOD 10/2/13

500m Row Time Trial


Max Push-Ups

In order to RX -Men on Rings, Bicep must touch ring at bottom. Women on ground, Chest and only chest must touch ground. You can rest at the top of push-up as long as necessary.


Max Distance Broad Jump


Max Unrboken KB Swings (70/55)


Max Unbroken Double Unders (or singles)


The 5 above are the Workout Of The Day – Everyone must attempt them but you can do them in any order you wish.





When you’ve completed the workout above you can try as many as you wish from the following list:

Max Distance Handstand Walk

Max Height Box Jump

Max Toes To Bar

Max Weighted Pull-Up

Max Rope Climbs in 5 minutes (touching beam)

Max Unbroken Muscle-Ups

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  • Neal

    Clints making those muscle ups look easy 🙂

  • Clint

    At the end of a 60 minute workout…..they were a piece of cake.

  • Clint

    Did the row first. That was a mistake. Row – 1:32.8 PR, DUs – 36 (no legs after the row), Broad Jump 97″ PR, Ring Push-ups – 33, KBS@70# – 22, Muscle-ups – 2, Weighted Pull Up – 45#. Overall, I’m disappointed in this performance based off of some goals I set for myself a year ago.

  • JJ

    ouch clint….pretty good row there my friend but not too much else…i think i could get you on all of these minus the pushups. i might have to go at 630 now to claim a win against you

  • Clint

    It’s yours for the taking JJ, not my best day at the box. The worst part is I made five attempts at the max DU and didn’t get past twenty on four of the attempts.

  • Sean M

    Rowed first, bad idea. 1:39 and only fell off once. I can’t tell you how many times I have been bucked off the row machine.
    77.5# weighted pull ups
    30 ring push ups
    30 kettle bell swings 70#
    96.5 broad jump
    20 DU
    42″ max box jump
    This was fun.

  • Heather

    1:48.5 row exactly the same time I had the last time I did it
    6 push ups (a weakness for me)
    72 du (pr)
    35 kb 55#
    82 or 84 on broad jump

  • K Doubt

    1:48.2 on the row. Did it last and my arms we shot after the kBs.
    3 push ups (one of my weaknesses)
    12 dus
    75″ broad jump
    40 kb swings @ 55#

    And a 4 ft backwards handstand walk… One day I’ll learn to walk on my hands and not just do handstand holds.

    Overall, great 630 class this evening!

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