Everything Is Falling Into Place


Katie and Melissa during a Saturday workout

Katie and Melissa during a Saturday workout

The gym is steadily coming together and is looking less like an empty shell and more like a fitness facility. We’ve put in an order to Rogue Fitness and we should have our equipment within a week. Our floor is almost complete and after that there are just a few additions to be made.

We are having our free 11AM Saturday workouts at the gym now instead of Rogers Park. We are located next to Abundant Life Church in between Triangle Lawn and Happy Donuts (our members aren’t allowed to eat there). If you’re ready to become a member you can sign up now. We are currently offering your first two weeks free and discounted memberships until April. If you have any questions about getting started email Neal and and he will answer all your questions and get you on the path to elite fitness.

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  • Jd

    We should totally do something awful to Happy Donuts that gets all Crossfit members banned… just in case someone gets weak.

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