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WOD 7/13/10

5 Rep Dumbbell Press Ladder
*Starting with our smallest dumbbells you will do a set of 5 every minute. After you complete a set you will move to the next set of heavier dumbbells. The workout is over when you can no longer complete the 5 reps.
2k Row

Post 5 rep max for the Press and 2k Row time to comments.

I Train… post your own thoughts to comments.

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  • Neal

    I train because I want to be better tomorrow than I was today. I train at a box that will hold me to a higher standard. I train with people that are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. I train athletes that are willing to put in the sweat and hard work to become the best they can possibly be. I train where the support and camaraderie are unmatched. I train because I love it!

  • JJ

    its gunna be a fun 2k

  • juggernaut

    (Belief is defined as a psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.)

    I train because I believe. I believe in my goals. I believe in the people that surround me. I believe that when I don’t want to continue, I will. I believe that when it hurts, it is working. I believe that when I have nothing left, I will rely on the motivation and the cheers to push through. I believe that when I wake up, I will do it again… and again. I believe that when I look next to me, I see another believer. That is why I train.

    Do you believe?

  • DJM

    I train at a box:
    Because the names and numbers on the wall are humbling and help push me.
    Because my competition is also my support and inspiration, and above all my friends.
    Because failure is only used after the word muscle!
    Because fitness is a personal value (priorities change, values don’t)!
    Because success is limitless, measured by you, and “paid in full”.


  • Neal

    I Believe

  • Neal

    55# x 4 on the Press. Got the 53# kettlebells for 5 reps.

    7:11.9 on the 2k row.

  • Stephen

    I train because Neal tells me to. And I love Neal. So I’m gonna do what he says. Duh!

  • JeremyWF

    55# x 5 – 53#KB x 4
    7:20 Row

  • Clayton

    55×5, 53# Kb x 5, 70# Kb x 1, 6:59.8 row…

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