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DJ Sledge in the House

WOD 11/23/10

Every Minute For 15 Minutes Complete 1 Snatch

You can add or remove weight after each rep. Post your maximum and minimum completed reps to comments.

Want to do a cool sledge hammer workout? Come to open gym on Sundays!

We will not have a 7pm class tomorrow. We will be closed all day Thursday and Friday. Classes will resume normally on Saturday.

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  • miranda

    I’m pretty certain its been a looooong time since I have done a snatch.

  • Stephen

    I miss DJ

  • toben

    a new PR w/ 140# on the snatch this morning. it wasn’t too pretty but i got it…

  • Rachel G

    Wtg toben!
    65# max. First time doing this so I was excited! Blisters make it a tad less exciting but still a great 6am workout! Good group! Thanks Chris!

  • JJ

    fun day at the box, though i couldnt get the PR i was lookin for

    95 for a low and 120 for high

  • jacob

    125-140- Pretty sore today, but good fun.

  • Sean

    125-140# (5# PR from 11/9)

  • Stephen

    115#-150# Form is everything, you can only muscle so much weight up. Next time snatch…… time.

  • Nedab

    95# – 140#
    wonder what I can do when I actually get under the bar

  • Shannon

    8# PR
    Took me forever but I finally got it!

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