Way To Represent Hardy

WOD 8/10/11

400m Sandbag Run


Dumbbell Thrusters (45/30)

Box Jumps (24/20)

Dumbbell Bent Over Rows (45/30)

800m Run

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  • Hardyf

    Gotta admit I like that picture!

  • amber

    30#sb, 15#, 16″, 800- 16:02….Chris, Becky & Katherine, I left y’all a note on the board! 400 m run post WOD!

  • Danno

    45#sb, 30#db’s, and 24” box – 14:53. I hope to see some good times for the night crew cause it was HOT AS HELL during the noon runs haha!

  • Hardyf

    45# sb, 30# DB, 24″ box 16:08, man Danno is right that 800 run is HOT!

  • CA

    60#sb, 35 DB, 24 box at 15:47. Fun noon class today.

  • Dena

    45lb bag, 20lb DB’s, 20″ box. 14:26
    Took it easy on the shoulders today. There was no way I was going to be able to do 30 lb db’s!

  • Jaywes23

    Did cfmc wod with JJ
    8 rds (400m run / 10 burpees)

  • Chris D.

    We did the extra 400 just for you Amber! Thanks for the push or was it a challenge? Bring it on! 30#sb, 15#, 16″, 800- 18:19. Becky finished at least two minutes ahead of that and Catherine maybe 2 1/2 min. Tough workout in the heat!

  • Stephanie

    30#sb, 15#, 16″, 800 – 16:03

    Thanks for the extra push on that 800! I needed it bad.

  • Catherine

    Mamacita.. hate to tell you but i finished 3min before that! 14:58 30#sb, 15#, 16″. The whole time I was just thinking how glad I wasn’t doing Jacob and Jay’s wod. great job guys

  • Joshua Thigpen

    Could have just been that my lats were dead from doing 110 pull ups on Cindy yesterday, but that was arguably the most DECEPTIVELY difficult WOD I have ever done. First rd of thrusters killed me and after I thought I gained some momentum on the rd of 5 I hit a brick wall after half of the 800.

    13’39” rx (except 45 lb vest instead of sand bag on 400m run).

    Anyway had to comment on the good WOD and look foward to getting out of this 24 hr fitness and joining CFB in January!

  • JJ

    thanks catherine. it was pretty miserable. 6 pm class lookin good on todays wod!

    21:15 for the CFMC wod. thanks jay

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