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CrossFit Beaumont will be hosting it’s first competition this Saturday October 23 at our box located at 6727 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont, TX. Competitors will check in on Saturday morning between 7-8am at which time they will receive their t-shirt and schedule with their heat number. The first heat will begin at 8:30. We will announce the workouts on Thursday along with range of motion requirments for each movement.

Parking  will be behind our building in the field. We will have volunteers showing where to park. Do not park in the lot in front of CFB as we will be using this area for the first workout. Please carpool. Also, we will not have any food at the event so please plan accordingly.

Each athlete will compete in three WODs and there will not be any elimantions. Scoring for the event will be on a point system, one point for first place, two for second, etc; lowest total score wins.


WOD #1
5 Rounds:
5 Ground To Overhead (135/115 men 85 women)
25 meter Overhead Carry (135/115 men 75 women)

The ground to overhead can be completed anyway the athlete prefers (snatch, clean & jeark, clean & thruster) as long as the bar starts on the ground and finishes locked out overhead with ear showing past the arm and full hip and knee extension. You can drop the bar from the top but you may not catch a bounce to begin the next rep. Bar can be carried overhead anyway as long as the bar is above the head and not in contact with the body besides the hands (ie no resting the bar on your head).

WOD #2
Max Clean
Max Pull-Ups

Each athlete will have 4 minutes to establish their max clean. After the 4 minutes is complete you will have 60 seconds to start your attempt at max pull-ups. Each pull-up will add two pounds to your clean. Total combined score will determine the winner of WOD #2. For the clean to be successful it must start on the ground and you must stand fully with the weight on your shoulders and hold at the top for one second. For a pull-up to count you must start with your elbows fully locked out and your chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar but not the vertical plane, normal kipping and butterfly kipping will be allowed.

WOD #3
Deadlift (225/185 men 135 women)
Kettlebell Swings (53/35 men 35 women)

For deadlifts we will be looking for full hip and knee extension. The bar can be dropped from the top of the deadlift.  For burpees our judges must see chest in contact with ground and at the top of the burpee we must see shoulders directly over the hips (ie stand straight up) and the feet must lose contact with the ground for at least a moment. The range of motion for Kettlebell swings is that we must see ear on the side of your arm at the top of the swing with locked out arms. If your arms don’t straighten be sure to tell your judge and show a few reps before you begin the WOD. You cannot drop the kettlebell, It must be set down on the ground or you will have to redo the last rep and set it back down.

Our judges are going to be strict on range of motion requirements. I recommend showing your judge a rep of each movement before you begin the workout so you are both on the same page. Don’t bother arguing with the judge because they have the final word.

Due to lack of sign up in the womens standard category we will have one womens division.


Standard Men

1. Billy Nash 2. Clayton Manzer 3. Cal Bishop 4. Eric Ramirez 5. Daniel Ward & Juan Garza (tie) 7. Neal Kay 8. Alex Retzlaff 9. Alvara Pargas 10. Adam Heiman 11. Adam Longoria 12. Luke Magilke & Steven Bolt (tie) 14. Matt Haskia 15. Ryan Lane 16. Tyler Troutman 17. Jimmy Arevalo 18. Miguel De La Fuente

Standard Women

1. Leah Goldstein 2. Adrian Sanders 3. Grace Patenaude 4. Teresa Self 5. Misty Overstreet 6. Leah Shullenberger 7. Kelli Middleton 8. Lezlie Reeves & Judy Trent (tie) 10. Martha De La Torre 11. Julie Cicerchi 12. Jessica Edevaria 13. Shannon Derharoutian 14. Kimberly Walling 15. Lauren Schrieber 16. Summer Thompson 17. Kara Anderson & Heather Heard (tie) 19. Miranda Bailey 20. Laura Harris 21. Michelle Marion & Melissa Dickson (tie) 23. Heather Williams

Scaled Men

1. DJ Monteilh 2. Partha Panwala 3. Thomas Webb 4. Carl Melendez 5. Chad Cox 6. Jay Odom 7. Will Nelson 8. Jon Franks 9. Patrick Deiss 10. Robert Anthony 11. Chris Page 12. Shawn Peet 13. Michael Smith 14. Chris Auster 15. Jim Marceaux 16. Dan Robinett & Wayne White (tie) 18. Ed Self 19. Brad Overstreet (injury)

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  • Jacob

    Looks like 3 awesome events! This should be an unforgettable showdown!

  • Miranda


  • DJM

    The 10-15-20 should be interesting adding reps instead of decreasing…looking forward to Sat should be a good day!

  • Rob

    This is a bit confusing. I don’t see any scaled weights for women. Is there scaled weights for Wod 1 or Wod 3 for women?

  • hardyf

    Good workouts Neal, sorry I am missing the event there is a chance I can make it in time to help clean up.

  • DJM

    Look at the last note above, I don’t think enough women signed up to have two categories.

  • Ryan

    20 Scaled women and only 5 Standard women…. the weight’s for the women in this look more suited for the standard division. I’m with Rob on this, are there going to be different weights posted? I know of a few of the scaled women that won’t be able to do more than a round of WOD 1 and can’t do pull-ups without a band…. after-all they did sign up for a scaled division…

  • Kara A.

    I agree with Ryan. These weights seem more suited for the standard division. There is a distinct difference in the men’s weight, and I think we should get the same. Why can’t the 5 standard girls compete at the same time as us, but with different weights? That way we would all get what we paid for.

  • Neal

    The weights were kept for the scaled division except for WOD#1 where the barbell was changed from 75# to 85#, not a huge difference but will help separate athletes. WOD#2 doesn’t require you to do any pull-ups, but it rewards you if you can. Most girls won’t be able to do more than 10-20 pull-ups so if you clean 20-40# more than someone you’ve made up for that difference. (ie bigger girls will have an advantage in the clean and smaller women on the pull-up bar).

    WOD#3 we kept the weights for the scaled division.

  • Bobby

    I’m confused. How is the 3rd wod scaled if the women are doing the same kettlebell weight as the scaled guys? Were the standard women going to do 53#?

  • Neal

    Bobby, 35# is a very normal weight for a womens division, it’s not excessively heavy, and most women who have been crossfitting for any length of time should be able to swing it WITH EASE. Do you have women swinging the same bells as men at your gym? I bet you do.
    If you want to nit pick every aspect of the competition feel free to host your own with the perfect combination of movements and weights. I feel like the workouts we’ve designed will show us who the fittest athletes are. If you can’t do certain weights due to a lack in your fitness that sucks for you. Competitions are inherently hard and normally scale up from otherwise normally RX’d weights.

    So please, unless you have a question about range of motion or how a movement is to be performed please refrain from leaving a comment.

  • luke magilke

    well said neal. yall all sound like my 2 year old daughter, stop crying. if you dont like it, dont do it. i do have a question neal, on the pullups, is it ONE max attempt in 60 secs or is it just amrap in 60 secs?


    luke m

  • Julie

    Right on Neal!

  • Jay

    Luke, I think it means you have a 60 sec. break from the time you finish your clean max until you start your max attempt at pullups.

  • luke magilke

    ah, thx

  • Neal

    Luke – Jay is correct. You have a 60 second break and then you will attempt your set. You can hang from the bar as long as you want trying to complete as many pull-ups as possible.

  • Grace @ ACF

    Awesome! Thanks for hosting Neal! We know the tremendous efforts and energy required in putting together these kinds of events. It was cool to see all CrossFitters come together to do what we love to do. I’m still amazed that there is still a lot of people out there who don’t know anything about CrossFit.

  • Misty

    Nice job today Neil! Had a great time and your efforts were recognized….can’t wait to do it again!!

  • miranda

    I had a great time! There are some awesome CF’ers out there! I liked seeing those little ladies do so much. I got to meet some pretty amazing people too! Thanks to all of CFB for hosting and creating the WOD’s, they were tough! I know what I need to work on now.

  • t-rex

    Thanks for hosting, very well organized! I had a great time, and agree w/ miranda, I know what i need to work on and that’s what it’s all about – always evolving! Neal, will you be posting where everyone’s standing (rank)?

  • Lezlie

    Really fun competition! Thanks for hosting.

  • Neal

    T-Rex – Yes, they will be posted soon.

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