We will be closed Saturday, June 12. Classes will resume Sunday.

WOD 6/10/10

10-1 Dumbbell Cleans
1-10 Dead Hang Pull-Ups

Refer to April 15

If you are competing this weekend be sure to tell Sean Hardy so he can pick up your packet on Friday. If you need a ride hit up the comments and see if you guys can get some carpooling together. Look forward to seeing everyone out supporting CFB on Saturady!

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  • Brandon

    I can’t wait until Saturday. I am so excited and a little tentative also. I hope we all have a great day and a great workout.

  • Steverino

    You’re going to kick butt, Brandon. Don’t even worry about the spectators. The adrenaline will kick in and you won’t even notice them.

  • JeffR

    Hey Sean will you pick up my package?

    Also anyone have any cleats that a fellow Crossfitter could borrow on Saturday? I’m about a size 9.5.

    I cant wait for this weekend!

  • JeffR

    Haha I just read the first line of my comment and I just wanted to let you know I’m talking about the package in Houston for the workout.. I know how you think Sean…..

  • JeremyWF

    Sean, can you pick up Jeremy, Jonathan, and Jacob’s packet for us on Friday? Thanks.

  • DJ

    Good Luck to all those in the competition…hopefully I can join you on the next go around in the unlikely chance it doesn’t interfere with fishing and/or hunting!

  • sean

    Ok, so far it is me, Jeff, Neal, Jeremy, Johnathan, Jacob, and Brandon competing. If I’m missing anyone please let me know asap so I can pick up your “packet” not your “package.” Good thing you caught that Jeff hahaha

  • Michutka

    11:29 rx
    1:28 on 500m row

  • randacm83

    1:58 500m row!

    15#db’s and blue add purple half way through… 10:51

    I am gonna be signing up for July 12th!

  • Clayton

    11:13 (40#, Grn, Red) 1:28.1….POINT ONE!!!!!!!

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