And Again!


excellent example of high elbows on the finish of a clean. In the back we have an example of letting the bar get away from you

WOD 12/13/12

Max Pull-Ups


For Time:

500m Row

10 Burpees

20 Dumbbell Thrusters (45/30)

30 Push-Ups

40 Pull-ups

50 Sit-Ups

40 Back Squats (135/95)

400m Run


December the 15th at noon CrossFit Mid-County will be hosting a workout to help raise money for Michael Pedraza, the cousin of member Stephanie Bowman. Michael is undergoing cancer treatment and we are going to try to help with their financial burden. All money raised will go to the Pedraza family to help with medical expenses. This workout is open to anyone regardless of your experience with CrossFit so tell all your friends! There will be a $20 donation required to workout. They will also be selling links so come hungry! If you can please RSVP on the facebook event page and invite anyone who might want to come workout.

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  • Scott

    Tied PR with 20 max pullups. Just couldn’t get that 21st one. Forgot my time, 17:something. 35#, RX pullups, 125#. Impressed with Zack’s 35 pullups. Where are the rest of the 5:00 and 6:00 am’rs? It isn’t that cold out.

  • Sheree Pierce

    It took me 24:something with some scaling but I like this kind of wod. I like just moving through and knowing when I finish a movement that I’m DONE with it…even it it IS 50 reps!
    BIG THANKS to Sara and John who where finished long before I was (nothing new there) but jumped in and ran the 400 with me and kept me moving! THAT is the CrossFit Community you hear so much about!

  • Neal

    Great job roosters! It was a little frigid this morning but everyone did great

  • burt

    52 pull ups, stoked to finally break 50!
    18:15 (35# thrusters, 95# back squat)

  • Neal

    51 pull-ups, lost my rhythm on the kip around 38 and it all went down hill from there.

    18:07 w 50# dumbbells and 185# back squats

  • Neal

    fun time working out with the noon crew. Burt, glad you can drop in!

  • K Doubt

    Loved today’s workout.

    13 pullups with grn only! Big jump for me cuz I’ve been using like a billion bands.

    21:15 for the workout – 30(10)/25(10) thrusters, 95# back squats. And I think I’m going to regret the weight in the morning! 🙂

  • Dena

    Never did max pull-ups before. Got 24.
    17:55 Rx on the chipper. I am looking forward to not working out tomorrow.:)

  • Elyse

    22 on max pull-ups

    18:15 RX… my biggest accomplishment was doing all the back squats without putting down the bar. 🙂 everything else was mediocre.

  • Ashley T

    26 max pullups with green & purple bands.

    19:43 15# thrusters 53# back squats. After last weekend back squats felt like a breeze but pullups killed me.

  • Kevin

    30 pullups

    28 something on the chipper, not impressive but I did get rx weight this time! I’m still getting used to the shock and awe factor of crossfit. Thought I was either going to puke or passout. lol. Thanks for another great workout cfb!

  • Greg

    No pullups
    16:46 55# gobletsquats, russian twist, 24″ box jumps, 135# back squats

  • Neal

    Good to see you getting better Kevin!

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