A Word On Programming


The Coaches at CrossFit Beaumont are dedicated to your success. We want you to be the strongest, fastest, most badass athlete possible. We program with certain goals in mind in order to make you a better you.

That being said – Do not pick and choose your workouts. If you don’t come on days that involve heavy lifts, long runs, burpees, or some other movement you don’t enjoy then you are doing yourself a disservice and will stunt your growth as an athlete. You have to work on what you suck at. If you only work your strengths then you will always suck at the same things; and believe it or not improving the things you suck at will make your strengths even stronger. Improving my weak back squat will make me a better runner, improving my handstand push-ups will make pull-ups easier for me, etc. Improving youself in one area will improve your performance in other areas.

Constant variation is one of the foundations of the CrossFit program, and by allowing that principle to influence your programming, you will be putting yourself on the path to high levels of general physical preparedness. As always, the magic is in the movements themselves. Add in large doses of intensity, and you might even become a true firebreathers.

So next time you want to workout just come workout; don’t check the website first and see if it’s something that you like. In fact if it’s a WOD that has your least favorite movements then you should make it a priority to do it. As I said before – Work on what you suck at! Sometimes the workouts that are the hardest are the most fun, and the ones that look easier are the ones that leave you puking out beside the gym.

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  • Sheree

    A. Not a problem finding something I need to improve.
    B. This is why I don’t read the site after about 5pm…dont’ want to dread anything!
    C. I suck less every day!

  • Jason

    Good speech coach. We are all doing this to better our health and fitness. I’m looking forward to drilling my weaknesses.

  • Clayton

    Well put. That being said, I dont think i wanna do abs today, ugh, I hate abs…j/k

  • TonyaD

    “like”….thanks for caring so much, neal! it makes me care! i can’t believe i can actually do some of the things that at one time were almost impossible for me!!! crossfit definetly works if you stick with it!

  • hardyf

    Oh how the truth hurts…did I say truth I meant abs

  • Rachel G

    I do not look at workouts before I go in because I know I will talk myself out of a running workout. Having the option to scale and make the workout less intimidating really helps me fight through to the end. I’m so thankful for CFB for the push and support I get from the coaches and other members. Without y’all I would just walk into a gym look around and walk out. Looking forward to 6am!!

  • Tim

    Just a thought…I’ve been going to Bayou City since I moved back to Houston in October…they post their WOD at the END of the day showing what they did, so you can’t check it in advance and decide to go or not – you don’t know ’till ya show up!

    Still check the site a few times a week to see what y’all are up to – keep up the good work!

  • Amy

    Did someone tell on me?????? Okay, I get it!!!!!

    I totally agree. The support and encouragement you get from our coaches is what keeps me going!!!! Thanks Guys!

  • Jim M

    Looks like i good one today. Not looking forward to the running

  • Nina

    Because……”If you want more, you have to require more from yourself!” Dr. Phil

  • Miranda

    I think Im the opposite. I don’t look on days that I can’t come, because it will make me upset that I won’t be doing it lol.

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