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Sean & Some Firebreathers

WOD 11/22/10

10 Rounds:
1 Clean & Jerk
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats

The weight for the Clean & Jerk should be heavy! Around 75-85% of your one rep max. Perform all 10 rounds as quickly as possible. Post time and loading to comments.

Congrats to Kara and Sean for completing their CrossFit Level 1 Certification this past weekend!

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  • hardyf

    I am in for noon

  • jacob

    Boom. im there. Neal, yall ever consider opening the gym up for some open gym time during the week strictly for lifting? It would be awesome.

  • Neal

    Jacob, As long as you stay out of the way you can come in and lift anytime we have classes. If your group is too large or if we need equipment or space for the group class then you wont be able to lift.

  • toben

    16:26… 115# on the C&J and a festive red/green combo for the bands. good news though, i didnt have to go to my knees on any of the pushups… woo hoo!

  • Jacob

    Sweet, sounds good. I appreciate it. About to dial up a little lifting program on the side to get my squat up.

  • hardyf

    17:58 125# c&j half pullups rx half with purple band, half knee push ups

  • cassi

    17:32 95# c&j, rx pullups, knee pushups on some. Loved this one though, couldn’t even clean this weight 2 months ago!!!

  • Neal

    12:54 @ 185# and a 10# vest Pretty tough WOD

  • Jaywes23

    13:28 rx, 185#
    great race Stefan

  • Shannon

    16:06 95#
    knee pushups
    had to go to a purple band on the 3rd round boo

  • Nedab

    think i should have gone heavier

  • juggernaut

    11:42 185# – think I should’ve worn a vest

  • miranda

    15:22 with 75 lbs and knee push ups with NO band and a ripped blister on the last 2 rounds! I think that’s gangster…

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