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WOD 8/28/12

Back Squat: 1X3 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 1X1 @ 90%, 2X1 @ 95% – rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.



4 rounds for total reps of the 4 minute dual effort of:

2 minute AMRAP of:
20 Split Jumps
10 HR Pushups
10 Pullups

2 minutes to complete:
1 ME UB Set of Front Squats @ 70%

Notes: FS are based off of 1RM FS. The athlete may begin the ME/UB set at any point in the 2 minutes. If the set only takes 30 seconds, then the rest of the 2 minutes is rest. The set is over when the BB returns to the floor. The clock does not stop for the entirety of the workout.


Monday, September 3, we will only have the 11:30 class in observance of Labor Day.

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